Enhance Employee Retention and Well-Being with TDM

Invest in employees for a productive workplace

In today’s fast-paced world, transportation is more than a convenience. It’s a pivotal part of employee well-being and organizational success. TripShot understands the crucial role that transportation plays in supporting overall employee retention, satisfaction and wellness. That’s why we offer a solution designed to make transportation demand management (TDM) easy for dispatch, drivers and riders. Our technology powers seamless system planning and easier commutes for riders. 

Improve Employee Morale and Retention

The daily commute consistently ranks as one of the biggest obstacles for employees. According to McKinsey & Company, more than 70% of employees want a work commute of 30 minutes or less. Stressful and long commutes can exhaust employees, prompting less job satisfaction and higher employee turnover. Organizations that provide reliable transportation options stand to improve the well-being of their employees significantly.

TripShot powers simplified TDM for companies, hospitals, universities and public transit systems. Easy route planning and an elevated user experience result in transportation options tailored to employee needs.

Using TripShot's Fixed Route Reservations and Wallet, passengers can reserve a seat on a bus or shuttle in advance, utilize contactless payment and generate a digital boarding pass. Our solution also offers real-time notifications so riders always know where their vehicle is or if there are any service disruptions. TripShot enables more predictable employee commutes. 

Support Employee Wellness

Stressful commutes not only cut down on employee morale, but they impact overall employee wellness. According to the Journal of Transport & Health, long commutes are associated with higher levels of fatigue, stress and sometimes physical health issues. Organizations can offer streamlined transportation options to support an optimized work-life balance and help employees arrive to work relaxed and ready to collaborate. 

TripShot delivers enjoyable commute experiences through the TripShot Rider App, allowing riders to self-serve and easily plan their travel to work, meetings, home and other destinations. Our platform also supports On Demand services, offering an in-house ride-share-like service that is safe with vetted drivers.

Powering Companies, Universities, Hospitals and Public Transit

TripShot isn’t limited to one industry – our solution meets the needs of universities, hospitals, and many other types of campuses and communities. 

For universities, TripShot makes it easier for students and staff to navigate their campuses with reliable transportation. New university employees can start their job supported with convenient and reliable transportation options to and around their new campus. These new employees and others can also save money on parking permits or other costs associated with driving a single-occupancy vehicle. 

Companies, hospitals and public transit systems also stand to improve employee wellness. TripShot makes it easy for these types of employees to find the best possible transportation options to their campuses or meeting locations. The flexible and reliable transportation options help employees focus on work and avoid the stress of unpredictable transportation. 

Organizations with transit powered by TripShot can expect a secure technology experience. Using TripShot's badging solution, employees can tap their badge upon boarding. This adds another layer of security to the rider experience.

Investing in Employee Wellness 

To improve employee morale, retention and wellness, organizations need to provide reliable TDM. Campuses and communities can use TripShot to foster a more productive and positive work environment and support their employees to commute with confidence. Whether a hospital, company, university or public transit system, TripShot can power more reliable and supportive transportation options to inspire a healthier workforce.