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TripShot updates and integrates with existing tools while offering operators, drivers, and riders all the benefits of a cutting edge transit experience.

We know that communities, businesses, and lives count on public transit everyday. During implementation, TripShot can replace outgoing software with no disruption in transit service.

Public transit systems far and wide trust TripShot

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One Platform That Does Everything

TripShot allows operations to have all their systems controlled by a single platform. Controlling fixed route, on-demand, and all other systems centrally makes for easy monitoring and maximum flexibility.

Real-time Data Made Easy

One major pitfall of legacy systems is their inability to present data in a useful way. TripShot offers managers and operators a complete real-time view of everything happening with their fleet and riders. Our Dashboards allow operators to customize what data they need readily visible, while our Planning & Analysis tool makes it easy to leverage that data to predict and model future changes to operations.

Greater Savings & Sustainability

By using TripShot, operators can reap the cost savings and environmental benefits of real-time data and updates for everything from runcutting to maintenance and driver safety.

A TripShot Solution for Every Fleet

No matter your public transit fleet management challenges, we have the perfect plan to fit your needs. TripShot offers customizable solutions that cater to any public transit operation regardless of size or ridership.

Flexible Solutions

Fixed Route

Improved community support through advanced transit technology.


More satisfied riders through better capacity management.

On Demand

A more efficient way to meet each rider's needs.

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