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Payment Simplified

Managing payments is about more than just collecting fares. TripShot's Wallet streamlines payment while bringing the power and convenience of a digital solution to operators and riders.

Zero Complexity

No complicated integrations, even with credit card companies, means fast setup and deployment.

Easy Implementation

Our Wallet solution runs on widely available tablets and doesn't require additional expensive or custom hardware to deploy.

Rider Account Management

Give riders the ability to see transactions, review ride history, and add funds with our easy-to-use app.

Commuter Benefits Management

Integrate your commuter benefits programs through APIs or existing third-party software integrations.

Deployment Flexibility

Deploy different types of passes, fares, and fare classes with ease.

Fare Class Support

Utilize multiple fare types and track riders based on their type of fare used.

Administrative Management

Give your team the tools to assist customers and load funds into rider's wallets.

Contactless Payment

Our Wallet's contactless technology makes transactions safer by letting riders and drivers avoid having to swipe cards or handle cash.

The TripShot Wallet Payment Cycle

A simple payment flow makes tracking easy for operations while offering peace-of-mind and transparancy to riders.


Riders can load TripShot Wallet with their credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or with their commuter benefits program.


Once TripShot's fees are deducted the balance is passed along to the customer. TripShot can provide real-time ridership and revenue reports at any time.


To generate a digital pass, riders can detect their approaching vehicle via Bluetooth or scan a QR code located on the vehicle.


The fare is deducted from the rider's balance and is ready to be used for their next commute.

Integrated payment is simple with TripShot Wallet.

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