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Optimization Through Reservation

TripShot’s fleet management tracking system makes managing your transportation system easy. Reservations are just one way we do this. The value of reservations isn't just to riders but to system-wide optimization. That's why we've worked closely with some of the biggest companies to develop a thoughtful and powerful Reservations offering that benefits not just your riders and drivers, but your entire transportation operation.

Confident Capacity Administration

Understanding ridership demands in advance means you never have to worry about exceeded capacity.

Ridership Tracking

Whether it’s student ridership or public transit ridership you’re tracking, TripShot reservations let you confirm when riders have physically boarded vehicles and can be counted in reporting.

Proactive Planning

Scheduling and planning in advance allows vehicles and drivers to be assigned based on which routes are filling up.

Enhanced Rider Experience

Our easy-to-use app gives riders the power to manage their journeys with passive support.

Full Rider Control

Riders can set up recurring reservations and manage future reservations individually in a native trip planner.

Optimal Capacity

Passenger volume is constantly tracked to ensure rider safety and comfort, while also reducing boarding friction to keep riders separated.

Safety & Security

Easily implemented and managed solutions for adhering to changing public health guidelines help build rider trust and generate confidence.

Reservations offers greater peace of mind to both operators and riders.

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