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FlexRide Is the Best of Both Worlds

You deserve a transit solution that works for you, without compromise. Our enhanced FlexRide transit mode combines the efficiency and scalability of Fixed Route with the flexibility and ease of On Demand. Deploy it alongside other transit modes to fill in the gaps or use it as a powerful standalone service.

Optimal Fleet Efficiency

Get the most use out of your transit system by automating key operations like batch scheduling and waitlists.

Better Vehicle Utilization

Achieve lower deadhead, fewer empty vehicle miles, and greater scalability with optimized pooling of riders.

Automatic Route Optimization

Streamline day-to-day operations with dynamic routing and smart scheduling for every trip.

Time-Saving Automations

Let FlexRide take care of riders' needs, with easy pooling, automated waitlists, and live vehicle tracking.

Accessible Fleet Insights

Forecast more easily with advance reservations and run reports to make data-informed adjustments.

Greater Convenience For Operators & Riders

With backend flexibility and an elevated rider experience, FlexRide ensures satisfaction across every touchpoint.

Customizable Service Parameters

Set your geofenced service areas, create stops and stop times, and surface options to riders within their zone.

Door-to-Door Transit

Provide your riders with reliable transportation that takes them directly from a custom location to a preset location.

Integrated Rider App

Riders get the True-Time® vehicle and route information they need with the power to book, board, and pay all from a single app.

How You Can Leverage FlexRide

Help people get where they need to be on time, easily and comfortably.

Employee, staff, and student commutes

Arrange for your riders to be picked up according to your organization’s schedule.

Events and trade shows

Shuttle your riders to one-off or repeated events, at preset times.

Group offsites and corporate outings

Ensure that employees arrive to important company gatherings promptly and ready to be productive.

Field trips

Transport students to the right place at the right time, safely and efficiently.

Public transport

Scale your system with convenient transit that accommodates smaller communities and demand.

Scale flexibility and convenience with FlexRide.

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FlexRide FAQs

  • FlexRide is a transit mode that creates dynamic routes based on rider-requested pickup/dropoff locations and predetermined stops and times. Within a set service zone, riders can submit a next-day pickup request at their home and be dropped off at a preset stop and time to arrive at their destination on time. TripShot aggregates all similar requests, creates a dynamic route and notifies riders of their scheduled pickup time. The reverse can happen for commutes home.

  • FlexRide provides better fleet vehicle utilization, customizable service parameters, door-to-stop rider convenience, talent attraction, more transportation options and more predictable arrivals. The aggregation of riders can mean lower operational costs compared to an on-demand transit system.

  • Scheduled transit solution software enables higher vehicle utilization, automation of time-consuming manual tasks and a better experience for riders. 

  • Where are your riders traveling to and from? Are you trying to promote a return to office by removing transportation as a barrier? Do your trips have a common origination or destination location? Do you have a fixed route where many of the stops have no riders? Do you want to dynamically route your vehicles within a predefined service area?

  • FlexRide can be a more efficient transportation mode for public transit route management because it allows for better vehicle utilization while improving the rider experience. FlexRide allows public transportation systems to scale their services with convenient transit that accommodates smaller communities and demand.

  • FlexRide optimizes a rider’s journey by creating dynamic routes based on pooled pickup locations and a preset dropoff location and time (or vice versa). By using a scheduled transit solution like FlexRide, riders can get to their destination conveniently and efficiently, as requests are grouped into streamlined routes. 

  • If a rider’s preferred request does not have space, they can join a waitlist and see their position on the waitlist in real time. If a ride isn’t on the waitlist, it’ll be scheduled when FlexRide uns. If the FlexRide option shows ’Seating Waitlisted,’ riders select their preferred time options. Riders can select more than one option and they will be ranked according to the order of selection. TripShot will show their waitlist position if relevant. Should seats open up, the waitlist position will be updated.

  • The scheduled pickup time will be sent to the rider’s TripShot mobile app as a push notification following the scheduled cutoff time. If another rider cancels their FlexRide request, the rider pickup may be adjusted based on the secondary scheduler threshold. Note: Administrators must confirm the scheduled cutoff time and secondary scheduler thresholds.

  • The threshold for this is set by the transportation team.