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We were founded to cater to the transit needs of some of the world's biggest companies, so our knowledge of private transit systems is at the heart of our SaaS platform. Every day we continue to innovate, create new features, and bring the TripShot brand of streamlined simplicity to even more employee transit touchpoints. TripShot specializes in assisting corporate, small business, and commercial fleet management with our easy-to-use platform.

Why the world's biggest tech companies trust TripShot:

A Fully Customizable Platform

TripShot's platform allows you to tailor it exactly to what your operation requires, whether it's service modes like fixed route and on-demand, or analyzing and planning that moves for your operation. We ensure that TripShot covers everything you need now while leaving a seamless path to any future expansions or new services. We even offer white labeling of the TripShot rider app for seamless integration into your company's existing employee utilities.

Increased Rider Satisfaction

A better commute makes for happier employees. TripShot offers a single rider app that allows for checking schedules, reserving seats, and wallet functions, making commutes as painless and easy as possible.

Reliable, Responsive Support

We pride ourselves on being true partners with our clients. That means our support doesn't fade after a rapid deployment, we remain consistently attentive to any issues, needs, or inquiries that our clients may have for as long as we do business with them.

A TripShot Solution for Every Fleet

No matter what your mobility management challenges, we’ve got the perfect SaaS plan to fit your mobility needs.


If you've got a fleet, TripShot Standard will help you track it, monitor it, and keep you informed about it all from responsive dashboards.

Standard includes:

Route Planning & Management
Assignments & Scheduling
Analytics & Reporting
GPS Playback
Dashboards & KPIs
True-Time® Arrivals
Incident Alerts & Management
Asset & Resource Management
Maintenance Management
Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR)
Driver Performance Management
Electronic Logging Device (ELD) - Additional Hardware Required
Driver App
24x7 Tier 1 & 2 Support


With TripShot Premium you'll get all the functionality of Standard with added visibility into your ridership as well as rider app support and integrated on-demand features.

Includes Standard, plus:

Digital Passenger Counting
Rider App
On Demand
TripShot Passenger Information Displays
Rider Profiles
Regional Compliancy
24x7 Priority Support
Customer Success Manager

Add ons available:

Badging Integration: Validation
Badging Integration: Active Enforcement
Single Sign On (SSO)


TripShot Enterprise offers you a partnership-like relationship with TripShot. Receive unparalleled access to your mobility ecosystem, full security features, and capacity management capabilities.

Includes Premium, plus:

Reservations & Capacity Management
Points of Interest (POI)
TripShot API Access
Cybersecurity Review
Badging Integration: Validation
Badging Integration: Active Enforcement
Single Sign On (SSO)
Headsign Integration
Automated Voice Annunciation System (AVAS) Integration
Automatic Passenger Counting (APC) Integration Support
24x7 Priority Support
Customer Success Manager
Recurring Business Reviews

Additional Services Available:
Budget & SOW Required

MicroMobility (GBFS)
Vanpool Management
Parking Management
Advance API Integrations & Support
Advanced Security Reviews and/or Annual Reviews

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