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Flexibility at Your Fingertips

We know how inefficient transportation demand management (TDM) can be a pain. That’s why on-demand route services are key to flexible mobility and maximizing the coverage potential of any fleet. We set out to provide all the convenience and familiar benefits of a rideshare app integrated right into the TripShot on-demand route scheduling software. 

Superior Simplicity

Deploy on-demand route services where and when needed, making it easy to manage a complex system for all riders.

Automatic Dispatching

Seamlessly match drivers with riders by location and available seating.

Easy Scalability

Our dispatcher-friendly platform controls on-demand, fixed-route, and all other major functions from a single source making it easy to prepare for future needs and add services quickly.

Automated Reports

Provide your organization with insights about your ecosystem's performance with key metrics on riders, drivers, and requests.

Request Pooling

Customize how your mobility ecosystem performs with individual and pooled rides to suit user needs.

Standout Safety

Build rider confidence with functions that highlight your organization's professional drivers.

Health & Safety

Request, seating, and pooling feature changes allow organizations to show riders their commitment to safety in app.

Rider Security

Put riders at ease with clear, simple vehicle and driver details made available before pick up.

Elevated Experience

A system responsive to rider needs builds satisfaction and helps provide equitable service to all areas.

Your fleet covers more riders with On Demand.

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