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Service Modes

Fixed Route

Powerful Dispatch Control

Ease & Flexibility

Drop dated and proprietary hardware and manage your entire fixed route system from a single platform.

Dynamic Optimization

Actionable recommendations make it easy to pivot services and routes to meet the ever-changing needs of riders and the community.


Our adaptive platform makes it easy to expand beyond fixed route applications and deliver more mobility services.

Real-time Monitoring

Alerts and real-time data provide dispatchers with constant actionable intelligence to make informed decisions.


True-Time® Accuracy

True-Time™ allows TripShot to provide real-time GTFS-RT location data to managers, drivers, and riders.

Your Data

Data from all fixed route sources is automatically generated, readily available for use, and owned entirely by the transit provider.

Integrated Rider App

Riders get the True-Time® vehicle and route information they need with the power to book, board, and pay all from a single app.

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Service Modes

On Demand

Superior Simplicity

Automatic Dispatching

Match drivers with riders by location and available seating.

Easy Scalability

Our platform controls on-demand, fixed-route, and all other major functions from a single source, making it easy to prepare for future needs and add services quickly.

Request Pooling

Customize how your system handles individual and pooled rides to suit user needs.

Automated Reports

Provide your organization with insights about performance with key metrics on riders, drivers, and requests.

Standout Safety

Health & Safety

Request, seating, and pooling feature changes allow you to show riders your commitment to safety in app.

Rider Security

Put riders at ease with clear, simple vehicle and driver details made available before pick up.

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Service Modes


Confidence in Capacity

Ridership Tracking

TripShot reservations let you confirm when riders have physically boarded vehicles and can be counted in reporting.

Proactive Planning

Scheduling in advance allows vehicles and drivers to be assigned based on which routes are filling up.

Enhanced Rider Experience

Full Rider Control

Riders can setup recurring reservations and manage future reservations individually in a native trip planner.

Ridership Tracking

Confirm when riders have physically boarded vehicles and can be counted in reporting.

Safety & Security

Easily manage compliance with public health guidelines to build rider trust and confidence.



Complete Control

Fully Integrated

Our dashboards require no separate programs or integrations to keep information at your fingertips.

Fixed-Route Monitoring

Dispatchers and managers can receive simple fixed route alerts for everything they need to know.

On Demand Metrics

Track your riders, their requests, and see overall fleet performance when making on-the-fly decisions.

Ultimate Visibility

Data Visualization

Digestable analytics help with quick decisions and long-term planning for your operation.

Robust Filtering

Our fleet visibility dashboards can filter all types of information and data, from on-time performance to service-level agreements, vehicle information, and more.

Exportable Data

Whether connecting to one of our robust APIs or downloading to your own analytics tools, your data is yours at the click of button.

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Parking Management Perfected

A Unified Solution

Streamline the management of shared lots and spaces with a single platform that does it all.

Usage Reporting

Analyze parking space usage by time, type, and more.

User Experience Management

Verify lot visitors and streamline the transition between personal vehicles and your campus transit system.

Better Space Utility

Optimize unused spaces for hybrid work schedules and employees returning to the office a few days a week.

Easily Expanded Capabilities

Deploy spot sensors to enable built-in real-time capabilities for enforcement, availability tracking, and more.

Refining the Parking Experience

Easy to Understand Offerings

Offer clarity to drivers by easily adding multiple locations and individual lot details.

Visibility for Drivers

Give drivers accurate, real-time information on the number of available spaces and their types.

Self-serve Reservations

Offer drivers total peace of mind by allowing them to reserve spaces in advance.


Our partnership with a leading third-party sensor company allows for easy upgrades for real-time space occupancy monitoring and wayfinding.

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Planning & Analysis

A Look Ahead

Root Cause Icon

Root Cause Analysis

Approach fleet operations analysis from every angle to find bottlenecks and other instances prone to cause delay.

Anomaly Icon

Anomaly Detection

Detect and flag service disruptions before they happen based on historical data for metrics such as typical travel path, ridership, travel time, and more.

Comparison Icon

Easy Scenario Comparison

Compare potential changes on merits of impact to cost, emissions, rider convenience, and more in an isolated modeling environment. Single-click functionality eliminates the cumbersome importing and exporting of information from disparate systems.

Optimization Made Easy

Deployment Icon

Platform Native

Our solution is ready to deploy on day one, and can make use of your data to help model new scenarios without impacting daily operations.

Performance Visualization Icon

Activity Performance Visualization

Get a good look at activity performance. Generate maps, charts, and tables to visualize performance for activities for all manner of operations.

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Zero Complexity

Easy Implementation

Our Wallet solution runs on widely available tablets and doesn't require additional expensive or custom hardware to deploy.

Rider Account Management

Give riders the ability to see transactions, review ride history, and add funds.

Commuter Benefits Management

Integrate your commuter benefits programs through APIs or existing third-party software integrations.

Deployment Flexibility

Fare Class Support

Utilize multiple fare types and track riders based on their type of fare used.

Administrative Management

Give your team the tools to assist customers and load funds into rider's wallets.

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