Achieving Long-term Savings Through Mode Shift

Find the right TMS to cut overall transportation costs and support a thriving campus for years to come

This blog post is a continuation of our previous blog: Encourage a Shift to Shared Transportation on Campus.

All-in-One Solutions Mean Lasting ROI

By managing transportation and reducing single-occupancy vehicles on campus long-term cost-saving goals can be achieved. Transportation management solutions like TripShot provide an all-in-one transportation experience for riders, incentivizing the use of shared transit like Fixed Route, On Demand, and micromobility. Moving riders away from SOVs translates to less demand for parking facilities, more room for infrastructure, and an increased sense of community and collaboration. 

TripShot Eases the Transition from SOVs 

The TripShot platform connects parking and transit management on campus, allowing users to view all of their mobility options in one place. Our platform also allows admins to easily communicate with all the riders in their system by sending system-wide notifications. Riders can also subscribe to notifications that are most relevant to them - delayed vehicles on their route, etc. By offering a better user experience with more communication, more mode options, and parking management in the same solution, TripShot encourages employees and students to shift their mode of transportation. 

Rightsize Parking with Data-Driven Decision Making

TripShot’s Parking feature rounds out our campus solution. If you already have a transit program, folding parking options into your offering could encourage riders to take a shared shuttle, lower climate impact and lower parking management costs. Even if you don't have a transit program, better parking utilization data would allow you to consider offering private transit, how to right-size your parking facilities or make other data-informed decisions for your organization.

Lasting Cost-Savings and More Valuable Campus Transportation

By reducing the demand for parking facilities and using an all-in-one campus transportation solution, you can start to envision new possibilities for the future of your campus. TripShot’s robust reporting with real-time and native data makes it easy for you to make data-driven decisions and increase value for your campus community. Position your campus for long-term cost savings and long-range planning that increases productivity, collaboration and a stronger sense of community.