Encourage a Shift to Shared Transportation on Campus

Meet the moment with a unified TMS

A Growing Challenge

Campus transportation demand managers are facing an increasingly complex challenge as the demand for parking grows. With more riders commuting to work and university campuses, traditional parking strategies are proving to be insufficient. The good news is that there are alternative solutions to this problem. TripShot offers a range of transportation options that help employees and students to shift modes of transportation and reduce their reliance on single-occupancy vehicles.

Unify Transportation Modes on Campus

By offering a better user experience, more mode options and parking management in the same solution, TripShot encourages riders to reconsider their mode of transportation. This shift can lead to a reduction in the demand for parking spaces on campus, more room for community spaces and makes it easier for transportation managers to control the parking needs of their campus. 

Flexibility Forward 

One of the key benefits of TripShot's TDM solution is its flexibility. TripShot can meet the unique needs of campuses of all sizes, making it easier for transportation managers to provide the options that work best for their campus. Campuses can easily flex between daily fixed route shuttles, large event transportation, late-night on-demand rides and more. TripShot can help transportation managers create a more sustainable and efficient transportation system.

The Future of Transportation Demand Management

University, corporate, hospital and all other types of campuses must meet the challenges of new commute patterns, hybrid schedules, climate action goals, new commuter demands and more. Managing parking with the same solution as your transit system can encourage people to take shared shuttles and increase productivity, lower climate impact, lower parking management costs, allow for the rightsizing of parking facilities and support more informed decisions for your campus transportation.