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As the bedrock of most transit operations, quality and consistent fixed route forms the foundation of rider trust. It’s imperative to have a solid transportation management system in place to ensure it runs smoothly. We built TripShot to manage every facet of these operations, to modernize and streamline legacy systems, and ensure reliability with flexible and easy-to-use functionality. Simply put—our fixed route software makes moving easier. 

Powerful Dispatch Control

Give dispatch complete control and visibility into everything including: admin portals, dashboards, reporting, KPIs, asset management, and more.

Ease & Flexibility

Control all major fixed route systems from a single platform and stop dealing with multiple legacy systems with their own controls and behaviors.

Dynamic Optimization

Generated recommendations and fluid reconfiguration provides the ability to quickly pivot services and routes and customize to meet the ever-changing needs of riders and the community.


Our adaptive platform makes it easy to expand beyond fixed route applications and deliver more mobility services.

Real-time Monitoring

Alerts and real-time data provide dispatchers with constant actionable intelligence to make informed decisions.


Native GTFS and GTFS-RT feeds are ready to deploy on day one and allow transit providers to upload their data to Google and other 3rd party mobility applications to provide a better rider and dispatch experience.

True-Time® Accuracy

True-Time® allows TripShot to provide real-time GTFS-RT location data to managers, drivers, and riders.

Accessible Data

Data from all fixed route sources such as GTFS static and real-time feeds are automatically generated out of the box, readily available for use, and owned entirely by the transit provider.

Integrated Rider App

Riders get the True-Time® vehicle and route information they need with the power to book, board, and pay all from a single app.

Fixed route moves better on TripShot.

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