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Quality and consistent Fixed Route is the bedrock of many transit operations. A leading transportation management system ensures it runs smoothly and builds rider trust.

Powerful Dispatch Control

Give dispatch complete control and visibility into everything including: admin portals, dashboards, reporting, KPIs, asset management, and more.

Ease & Flexibility

Control all major fixed route systems from a single platform and stop dealing with multiple legacy systems with their own controls and behaviors.

Dynamic Optimization

Actionable recommendations through fleet operations analysis make it easy to pivot services and routes to meet the ever-changing needs of riders and the community.


Our adaptive transportation platform makes it easy to expand beyond fixed route applications and deliver more mobility services.

Real-time Monitoring

Fleet visibility dashboards with real-time data provide dispatchers with constant actionable intelligence to make informed decisions.


Native GTFS and GTFS-RT feeds are ready to deploy on day one and allow providers to upload their data to Google and other 3rd party apps to provide a better rider and dispatch experience.

True-Time® Accuracy

True-Time® allows TripShot to provide real-time GTFS-RT location data to managers, drivers, and riders.

Your Data

Data from all fixed route sources is automatically generated, readily available for use, and owned entirely by the transit provider.

Integrated Rider App

Riders get the True-Time® vehicle and route information they need with the power to book, board, and pay all from a single app.

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Fixed Route FAQs

  • A fixed route refers to a predetermined route that shuttle buses or other transit modes follow to transport riders (employees, visitors, students, faculty, staff, etc.) between different locations on or near a campus or city setting. The route is fixed, meaning that it follows a specific path and schedule on a regular basis. The fixed route typically includes stops at various designated locations, such as hospital buildings, different offices, residence halls, academic buildings, parking lots and other popular destinations on a campus or in the community. Fixed route transportation is designed to provide a reliable and convenient mode of transportation and is often free or provided at a low cost to riders.

  • Fixed route transportation offers many benefits to riders and the larger community. It provides a convenient, accessible, and cost-effective way to move around campus, while also promoting sustainability and reducing traffic congestion. Campuses should continue to invest in fixed route transportation to ensure that their communities have access to reliable and sustainable transportation options.

  • Fixed route campus transportation planning and scheduling involves analyzing demand, designing routes, developing schedules, implementing technology and continuously monitoring and adjusting to meet the needs of the community. By providing a reliable and convenient mode of transportation, fixed route transportation helps support the mission of the organization and enhances the overall campus experience.

  • Scheduling software is a critical tool in campus fixed route planning. It can assist transportation departments or providers in optimizing routes, creating efficient schedules, providing real-time tracking, scheduling drivers and optimizing routes on an ongoing basis. By using scheduling software, campuses can provide a reliable and efficient fixed route transportation system that meets the needs of their campus or community.

  • Implementing a fixed route on campus requires careful consideration of rider demand, route design, vehicle selection, scheduling, funding, staffing, safety and accessibility. By addressing these factors, campuses can create a reliable and efficient fixed route transportation system that meets the needs of their campus community.

  • Implementing a fixed route can present several challenges, but there are solutions to address them. By analyzing rider demand, securing funding, using scheduling software, prioritizing safety and accessibility and leveraging technology, campuses can create a reliable and efficient fixed route transportation system that meets the needs of their campus or community.

  • Technology can play a significant role in improving fixed routes by providing real-time information, optimizing schedules and routes, analyzing data, developing mobile apps and introducing electric and autonomous vehicles. By leveraging technology, campuses can create more efficient, reliable and sustainable transportation systems that better serve the needs of their campus communities.

  • Fixed route transportation planning can have a significant impact on public transportation by promoting integration, accessibility, efficiency, sustainability and affordability. By designing transportation systems that serve the needs of a broad range of riders, fixed route transportation planning can help create a more efficient, reliable and sustainable public transportation system that benefits entire communities.

  • The future of fixed route transportation planning involves integrating new technologies such as microtransit, mobility as a service (MaaS), electric vehicles (EVs) and integrated land use planning. It also involves improving data analysis and decision-making and coordinating transportation planning with land use planning. By embracing these trends, fixed route transportation planners can create more efficient, sustainable and accessible transportation systems that better serve the needs of communities and riders.

  • Fixed route transportation can improve rider satisfaction by improving reliability, accessibility, safety and security, comfort and technology. By focusing on these factors, transportation planners can create a more enjoyable and efficient transportation experience for riders. Rider app and Reservation technology for fixed routes put convenience right in the riders' hands.

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