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Parking the Way it Should Be

Parking operations should run as smoothly as your fleets. That's why TripShot automatically aggregates parking use data, helping operators make decisions about parking facilities and helping drivers find the perfect spot every time.

Parking Management Perfected

Our easy-to-deploy smart parking solution requires no third-party products or equipment to make parking easier for you and for drivers.

A Unified Solution

Streamline the management of shared lots and spaces with a single platform.

Usage Reporting

Analyze parking space usage by time, type, and more.

User Experience Management

Verify lot visitors and streamline the transition between personal vehicles and mass transit.

Better Space Utility

Optimize unused spaces for hybrid work schedules and employees returning to the office a few days a week.

Easily Expanded Capabilities

Deploy tech integrations like spot sensors and license plate readers to enable built-in real-time capabilities for enforcement, availability tracking, and more.

Payment Functionality

Manage parking payments while organizing and allocating parking resources for different groups.

Refining the Parking Experience

Deliver a simpler parking experience to drivers by helping them find the right space everytime.

Easy to Understand Offerings

Offer clarity to drivers by easily adding multiple locations and individual lot details.

Visibility for Drivers

Give drivers accurate, real-time information on the number of available spaces.

Self-serve Reservations

Offer drivers peace of mind by allowing them to reserve spaces in advance through our intuitive app.


Our partnership with a leading third-party sensor company allows for easy upgrades, real-time space monitoring, wayfinding, and license plate recognition.

Parking FAQs

  • Parking management technology refers to the tools and systems that manage parking facilities and services. The goal of parking management technology is to make parking efficient and effective, while also making it a better experience for drivers.

  • Parking management technology benefits include: improved efficiency, increased revenue, better customer experience, improved traffic flow, enhanced safety, security, and sustainability.

  • Parking management planning is done via several key steps: needs assessment, system design, implementation, testing, optimization, maintenance and upgrades. The specific planning process for parking management technology may vary depending on the location, size, and complexity of the parking operation.

  • The role of software in parking management planning is to provide the tools to manage operations, optimize performance and improve the user experience. This includes data collection and analysis, system design and configuration, performance monitoring and optimization.

  • Implementing parking management technology on campus requires careful planning and consideration of factors such as campus size and layout, user needs and expectations, parking policies and regulations, budget and resources, integration with other systems and security and privacy concerns.

  • Implementing parking management technology on campus can present several challenges, including: resistance to change, technical issues, cost, integration with existing systems and security and privacy concerns. Solutions to these challenges include providing clear communication and training to users, proper testing and maintainance, conducting a cost-benefit analysis, identifying requirements and implementing appropriate security and privacy measures.

  • Good parking management can help to reduce the number of single-occupancy vehicles on the road, thereby reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality.

  • There are several emerging trends in parking management technology that are likely to shape the future of campus parking systems: connected vehicles, mobile apps and payment systems, parking guidance systems, smart parking meters and parking data analytics. These trends will likely lead to more efficient and convenient parking systems, making it easier for drivers to find and pay for parking and improving the overall parking experience on campus.

TripShot Parking helps optimizes space usage and makes parking easy for drivers.

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