Utilizing TDM Solutions for Event Transportation

Streamline fleets for game-day transportation needs at your university

Big Games Need Smart Solutions

As the Fall semester starts, there are likely more trips happening besides just commuting to and from campus. Many universities plan complex charter bus options for student fans to get to and from their university’s sporting events. TDM professionals can ramp up their campus transportation services and gain new insight into the changing needs of their riders by using a TMS that incorporates day-to-day, gameday and other trips on campus.

The Gameplan: A Flexible System

Does your university use an intuitive and flexible system, centralized in one dashboard? Given the changes to hybrid schedules and the longstanding need for special events transportation, there has been no better time for universities to invest in a TDM solution that makes managing all campus transportation easy.

Universities can harness new technology like fixed route reservations or data-driven parking management to streamline the transportation for game day, allowing for happier riders and easy scheduling for dispatchers. With an all-in-one solution allowing transit admins to manage many different transportation options, there are endless benefits to a university.

Top 5 Benefits of Managing Gameday Transportation with TripShot

  1. Predictability 
    Offering scheduled transit service backed by real-time data to university fans makes their planning for the big game much easier. With TripShot’s True-Time® arrival notifications, fans will know exactly when their rides will arrive. 
  2. Convenience
    Fans access more transit options and can enjoy a smooth vehicle boarding experience with badging, a digital wallet or a digital boarding pass. 
  3. Scalability
    TripShot is flexible. Whether last-minute service changes or native long-term planning, transit admins can run 2 vehicles or 200 all from the same platform and easily flex between vehicle types throughout the day, based on demand.
  4. Options
    There are only so many event parking spaces. Cut down on costs and traffic by using a transit solution that also offers parking management. This can include smart parking gate arms, allowing riders to make a reservation at the parking lot. 
  5. Flexibility
    TripShot allows transit admins to offer fixed route or on-demand services for gamedays. Depending on the expected crowds, TDM professionals can easily make changes for more fan capacity.

Make Your University’s Gameday Transportation a Win

Your university has hardworking student-athletes, dedicated fans, expensive fleets and a great campus transportation team. A solution like TripShot can elevate the gameday transportation experience for riders, drivers and dispatch, boosting university's reputation, morale and life on campus. Tackle the challenges of hybrid schedules, day-to-day campus transportation and special events with a solution that makes getting to class or the big game easy.