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Your Operation at a Glance

A solid transportation demand management strategy should include an easy-to-use way to access information. After all, quality and timely information make for an efficient and safe transportation operation. Our route planning software includes dashboards that are made to support the constantly changing needs of operators, providing them with the clarity and data to keep fleets running smoothly.

Complete Control

Dashboards allow you to manage fleet, maintenance, ridership, KPIs and more, with full control over information priority.

Fully Integrated

Dashboards are platform native to TripShot, requiring no separate programs or integrations to keep information at your fingertips.

Fixed-Route Monitoring

Dispatchers and managers can receive simple fixed route alerts for everything they need to know.

On Demand Metrics

See where your riders are, what they are requesting, and how your ecosystem is performing when making on-the-fly decisions.

Ultimate Visibility

Visibility is essential for an effective TMS solution. Real-time, accurate, and accessible data become efficiency, savings, and safety when you know exactly what's happening with your fleet.

Data Visualization

Analytics are made easy to view and digest for quick decisions and long-term planning for your ecosystem.

Robust Filtering

Our dashboards can filter all types of information and data, from on-time performance and service-level agreements to driver, rider, vehicle information, and more.

Exportable Data

Whether connecting to one of our robust APIs or downloading to your own analytics tools, your data is yours at the click of button.

Dashboards are the easiest way to know exactly what's going on with your fleet.

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