Solving Corporate Transportation With FlexRide

Achieve Efficiency and Convenience 

Transportation programs that bring employees to, from and around campus are pivotal in supporting a more productive business environment. Our latest transit mode, FlexRide, can solve versatile use cases to meet the unique needs of corporate campuses.

Powering Convenient Commutes

FlexRide is a solution for a wide range of corporate transportation needs. FlexRide makes commuting easier for riders by offering pickup at their door (or other pickup location), pooling similar requests, and providing a dynamic route to get them all to their destination on time. Functionalities like real-time vehicle tracking and automated dispatching translate to a predictable commuting experience for employees. This can include lower operational costs than on-demand transportation by aggregating rides.

Getting to a Group Offsite

For team retreats or offsite meetings or trade shows, FlexRide simplifies group transportation and corporate outings. Administrators no longer need to spend hours coordinating transportation logistics. They can use TripShot for centralized control over transportation planning, allowing them to set predetermined stops and requiring riders to submit their requests the day before arrival. After the request cutoff time, routes are automatically scheduled and riders are notified of their upcoming trip time.

Supporting Innovative Transit Solutions

FlexRide combines the convenience of On Demand with the efficiency of Fixed Route transportation, supporting a wide variety of use cases for corporate transportation programs. TripShot’s unified platform makes it easy for companies to support their employees with an innovative transportation mode like FlexRide, resulting in higher productivity, morale and employee satisfaction at corporate campuses.