2024 Transit Technology Trends

Considering hospitals, on-demand and flexible transportation in the new year

A Continuously Innovating Industry

As we usher in a new year, we’re reminded of the opportunities for change. Transportation professionals know the landscape is constantly evolving, led by new rider demands and technological innovation. As a TDM technology company, TripShot takes innovation to heart, ensuring that our solution can meet the needs of several different industries such as universities, public transit, corporate campuses and hospitals. 

What are the 2024 goals of your campus transportation system? Consider evaluating the transportation demand management services you might be using - are they equipped to achieve success in a new year with technological innovation?

More TDM for Hospitals

A notable trend is the growth in TDM for hospital campuses. Our solution supports employees, patients and visitors across several different types of hospital campuses. These ridership groups have unique needs. Some are as simple as making it easier for employees to get from parking facilities to medical offices or picking them up right at their door. Patients might need enhanced options with their hospital transportation to ensure safety. Offering flexible TDM at hospital campuses achieves the benefits of improved efficiency, reduced congestion and more accessibility for everyone. Hospital transportation systems can include fixed route, on-demand or other transit modes. 

Growing On-Demand

On-demand transportation is only expected to grow in 2024. This transportation mode can flourish across industries, including hospital transportation, public transit, corporate transit and more. The paradigm shift of more and more on-demand transportation services across industries is resulting in more flexible and dynamic transportation options for campuses and communities everywhere. Transportation systems need to adapt to meet these growing rider demands. 

TripShot’s technology is flexible, allowing our solution to change along with changing trends in transportation over the years. By tapping TripShot to support the technology behind On Demand transportation systems, campuses and communities stand to benefit. Employees enjoy more streamlined commutes while community members can count on an easier and more intuitive transportation experience. 

Moving into 2024

Ushering in the new year is an opportune time for transportation professionals to consider their transportation systems and strive for better. A future-facing transportation solution like TripShot can bring new levels of efficiency to a campus or a community. Our technology addresses current needs while maintaining flexibility to evolve with the changing trends. 

The beginning of 2024 brings the promise of continued transportation innovation across sectors. Now is the time for leaders in TDM to uncover how your transportation systems can be more efficient and flexible to cater to the unique needs of your riders. If you are planning to upgrade, consolidate or overhaul the technology to manage shared transit, micromobility, parking or other transportation at your campus, consider TripShot.