Could you Benefit from a Shared Shuttle Program?

Create more mobility options for your campuses and others near you

A New Trend

Shared shuttles have become a popular option for transportation leaders looking to supplement public transit options for employees, students, visitors and other riders. This trend is gaining steam as transportation patterns and office schedules continue to evolve. TripShot’s mobility management platform meets the needs of this changing transportation landscape with an adaptable technology solution that partners with flexible and innovative transit operators to cut costs and increase efficiency. 

Shared shuttles or broader shared transit operations allow multiple organizations to establish one transit program for all of their riders. Organizations with existing transit services can invite others to pay into theirs or organizations without transit operations can come together to create a new transit system in their area. Business parks, campuses, employment centers and more can leverage this option to connect to neighboring organizations, complement public transit, integrate with parking and offer new ways to increase mobility for riders.

The Benefits of Shared Shuttles

Participating in a shared transit program can cut costs and increase efficiencies, streamline existing operations, and potentially reduce the need for parking facilities. Additionally, the ability to add micromobility to your transit program gives your riders even more transit options.
Shared Shuttle Benefits:

Cut Costs & Increase Efficiency

Shared transit programs enable cost savings by dividing the cost of sharing shuttles or other vehicles between neighboring companies and organizations. Sharing shuttles results in more efficient fuel usage, increased vehicle utilization and more effective schedule planning for drivers and riders.

Maximize Flexibility

Cloud-based mobility management solutions make it easy to adjust transit options to accommodate changing schedules and new usage trends. Transit dispatchers can mix and match fixed route shuttles and on-demand vehicles as needed for their individual organizations. 

Streamline with one Account

Shared transit programs can be managed by one organization with others paying into it. For example, a nonprofit could run an entire program for a group of businesses, one company could lead transit operations in an area with multiple neighboring companies, or a university could extend its operations to local businesses. This can all be managed under one account with an option for permissions to be established to allow visibility for each organization that uses the transit service.

Enhance Sense of Community

Shared transit programs offer an opportunity for riders from multiple organizations to interact, better connecting the community. If a university can expands existing operations to a neighboring employment center it can connect students directly to local employers. Or if a group of companies comes together to offer transportation as a new employee perk they can also increase employee retention, connectivity and innovation. 

Provide Rider Convenience

Riders can not only access more transit options but also enjoy a smoother boarding experience by utilizing badging, a digital wallet or a digital boarding pass through TripShot. TripShot’s Reservations Feature provides transit operations with data on vehicle capacity that allows them to accommodate riders’ flexible and changing work schedules.

Give Dispatch & Transit Manager Control

The TripShot SaaS platform offers flexibility - giving dispatch the ability to be as self-sufficient as a transportation management team. Transit managers can create different wallet fare classes to accommodate all organizations. TripShot is the only solution to offer wallet groups that are tied to fees, not specific users, so a variety of different riders can be accommodated and dispatch can avoid the tediousness of setting operations user-by-user.

Expanding the Possibility of Transit

Shared shuttle programs are making it possible for business parks and other nontraditional campuses to offer transportation options to their employees and visitors. Instead of relegating riders to long, tiring and polluting commutes, companies can use these programs to boost productivity and save time for their employees. Could you benefit from a shared shuttle program? TripShot can help!