Boost Commuting Confidence with External Codes

Offer Undeniable Reliability for Your Shared Transportation Program

Imagine that you’ve just finished a late meeting, you hurry to your transit stop only to realize the last shuttle of the day has just left. For many riders, this situation would mean a stressful scramble for a ride home after a long day. TripShot's External Codes feature helps companies avoid this situation and provide confidence in commuting.

When paired with Fixed Route and/or On Demand, External Codes can support a shared transportation program with undeniable reliability.

Missed Shuttle

Sometimes meetings or projects run late. Missing the last company shuttle doesn’t mean your riders have to be stranded. TripShot-powered transportation systems can offer External Codes to riders, they can easily grab a provided rideshare code from the TripShot rider app and use it get home as soon as possible.

Emergency Ride Home

One of the most important use cases for External Codes is for an emergency ride home. Knowing they can get anywhere in a pinch boosts employee usage of your organization’s shared transportation services. One of our large tech company clients has found considerable value in this feature, with over 900 codes used between September 2023-June 2024. Employees can confidently use sustainable transportation choices without worrying about late-night work sessions or unexpected situations. If an employee needs to get home quickly, External Codes is just a few taps away.

Other Trips

External Codes solves situations beyond missed shuttles and emergencies. TripShot administrators can allocate a set number of codes to riders on a monthly or yearly basis. These codes become available directly in the TripShot rider app. This means that riders can take planned or unplanned trips that require an alternative to standard shuttle service, offering more autonomy and convenience to employees who support shared transportation services on campus. 

Shared Transportation Success

External Codes can support large tech companies, sprawling universities, hospitals and more with some of the most valued components of successful transportation:

  • Certainty – Riders have peace of mind knowing there’s always a backup way to get home.
  • Flexibility – Employees can count on your organization’s transportation services to be flexible and easily handle unexpected changes to their schedules.
  • Convenience – Easy access to rideshare codes directly within the TripShot rider app means an efficient and user-friendly experience.
  • Reliable Reporting – Administrators can track why riders are requesting an external code.

External Codes can enhance rider satisfaction and operational efficiency. Riders feel more comfortable relying on your shared transportation service, resulting in higher vehicle utilization and more sustainable transportation options for your organization. With External Codes, TripShot is continuing to prioritize innovation and reliability, supporting flexible transportation for thriving companies and organizations.