External Codes

Certainty For Riders When They Need It Most

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More Reliability for Your Riders

Sometimes getting riders where they need to go means calling in backup. We created seamless ride code functionalities that integrate with third-party services including TNC integrations, so you can easily distribute codes to those who need immediate transportation outside your system for both common and emergency situations.

Emergency Rides

Give riders access to a code to book a free ride home, to a doctor, or anywhere else a shuttle can't take them.

After-Hours Transit

Make sure riders can book a ride if they miss the last shuttle of the day.

Fleet Vehicle Breakdown

Take the headache out of vehicle issues by giving your riders a quick alternative to keep moving.

Simplicity and Insight for Administrators

Our external code system makes distributing codes from TripShot partners like TNCs or any services you trust, easy and simple to monitor.

Make the Rules

We make it easy to use geofencing and set parameters around use dates, maximum costs, and who can request emergency rides.

Automatic Distribution

Our solution allows for in-app codes to be delivered to users automatically. No need to concern off-hours personnel or distract admins from other tasks.

Usage Tracking

Admins are given full visibility into the codes being distributed, allowing them to monitor use and make adjustments.

Simplicity and Service For Riders

Our external code system allows you to extend services to riders when they really need it, from the app they're already familiar with.

Peace of Mind

Build trust and satisfaction by offering a fast, easy transportation option to riders in moments of crisis or uncertainty.


Enable riders to access emergency rides without any coordination on their part gives them the assurance that they'll be covered day or night.

External Codes expands your ability to care for your riders.

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