Our Industry Predictions Approaching 2023

We’re building solutions to meet industry trends over the next year.

A Return to Campus

The Fall season has unofficially begun. Students, faculty, hybrid workers and more are returning to higher education and corporate campuses. Higher education institutions are planning game-day transportation, other schools are scheduling field trips and companies are planning offsites and work experiences. All of this movement is prompting TDM professionals to ramp up their campus transportation services and gain new insight into the changing needs of their riders. 

Additional Ridership Demands

Hybrid schedules, special events and unpredictable changes to ridership mean more demands on a campus-based transportation system. Transit leaders are realizing the need for an intuitive and flexible system, centralized in one dashboard

Transit systems will need to provide easy and flexible communications to their riders. Some could be offering fixed route reservations to better prepare for ridership demands, necessitating easy scheduling for dispatchers and riders alike. Communication features need to be intuitive and quickly deliverable to the entire system or a select group of riders.

TripShot’s Top 5 Fall Industry Predictions:

  1. Centralizing TDM - Campus leaders will need to centralize the management of transit, micromobility, parking and other modes so they can gather the most data and plan most efficiently for their transit system. 
  2. Utilizing Parking Management Technology - TDM professionals need reliable parking management technology. This can include smart parking gate arms, allowing riders to make a reservation at a parking lot. License plate readers (LPRs) will need to be integrated into parking management tech as well.
  3. Accommodating Hybrid Work - Hybrid work isn’t going away anytime soon and neither are climate action goals and campus space constraints. TDM professionals need solutions that incentivize shared transportation and paint a true picture of transportation demands.
  4. Providing Accurate ETAs - The return to campus for companies and higher education institutions needs to be predictable and enjoyable. Campus transportation leaders need a solution with industry-leading ETA accuracy, providing up-to-the-second, GPS-based location data to managers, drivers, and riders.
  5. Offering Reservations - TDM professionals will gather more ridership data by offering riders fixed route reservations, allowing them to uncover new efficiencies with planning service and increasing rider satisfaction with a dependable commute.

The Future of Transportation will be Exciting

Campus-based transportation, public transportation and other industries are navigating through a unique time in history. TripShot believes in the possibility that is brought by these industry changes. We build partnerships with our customers to simply and efficiently solve mobility problems for their systems. The future of mobility will be facilitated by solutions that create efficiency, flexibility and reliability for shared transportation and campus-based mobility ecosystems.