What Transportation Planners Learned from COVID-19

The pandemic forever changed the world of transit operations

A Shock to the System

The COVID-19 pandemic brought transportation to a standstill. As riders slowly started traveling again, it became clear that it was time for the industry to embrace transit technology that had slowly emerged years prior. Suddenly, the push for streamlined communication, fleets with maximum flexibility and enhanced features became baseline requirements for riders.

Meeting New Rider Demands

Transit managers learned they need to have the ability to quickly and easily scale their operations up and down to accommodate hybrid schedules, special events, new restrictions and unpredictable changes to ridership. They realized they needed solutions that make it easy to change routes, stops, timetables and more; they could no longer wait days or weeks for a technology vendor to make small changes for them.

Campus transportation managers learned the importance of easy rider communications for a flexible system. Everchanging public health guidance, social distancing and lasting rider demands necessitated communication features that were intuitive and quickly deliverable to the entire system or select groups of riders. Flexibility, communication and more features have become industry standard.

Future-Ready features of Leading Transit Systems:

Instant Mobile Notifications
Keep riders up-to-date and ready for any service changes. Customize announcements that can be pushed system-wide or to select rider groups. 

Combined Fixed Route & On Demand
Easily make changes between these two modes in a single platform, allowing for a more nimble fleet, and accommodating new travel peaks and hybrid work schedules.

Allow riders to manage their commute schedules however frequently they change. Riders know they have secured a seat and can board their expected vehicle. 

Undeniable ETAs
Use a solution with industry-leading ETA accuracy, providing up-to-the-second, GPS-based location data to managers, drivers and riders.

As Transit Changes, We Change with it

TripShot builds trusted partnerships with our customers and powers supportive, responsive and accessible mobility solutions on campus. We meet industry changes with a constantly updating solution, keeping our customers at the forefront of innovation while they focus on running great transit services. We see ourselves as a mobility partner, collaborator and problem solver that looks to the future of mobility and sees a call for change.