Use Reservations to Streamline Operations

Increase rider satisfaction with a more reliable transit system

Simplify your Transit System

TripShot's Reservations feature allows riders to reserve a seat on a Fixed Route vehicle, providing them an increased level of security and trust. Transit administrators can also utilize this feature to plan trips and shape new routes based on the demand they see, resulting in better capacity management.

Create More Valuable Data

Fixed Route Reservations shift how transit managers handle capacity by providing complete operational awareness. Over time, detailed origin and destination data can shape route design to be more rider-focused and increase capacity. Reservations can also help paratransit programs serve a new, tech-comfortable generation of riders who have embraced ride-sharing modes and methods.

The TripShot rider app empowers riders to manage their entire mobility experience without requiring administrative approval or oversight. Riders can book and manage their reservations directly, view shuttle schedules and locations, and create, edit or cancel a single reservation or recurring reservations.

Three Benefits of Reservations

More Awareness for Drivers

Drivers can determine if a rider has a reservation and whether or not they should be allowed to board. TripShot’s driver support includes native integration into the TripShot driver app, easy validation of reservations for the respective route and easy confirmation of reservations during the boarding process.

Managers Gain Confidence in Capacity

Reservations allow transit managers to understand ridership demands in advance, which means you never have to worry about exceeded capacity. Reservations promote a faster and easier-to-use system that saves operations teams time in planning vehicle usage and inventory. Superior optics into how many and where to expect riders can influence vehicle planning so your fleet can accommodate everyone that wants to take a trip. 

Improve your Entire Transit Operation

Reservations can elevate data aggregation and reporting on your campus transit system. Systems that do not use badging for rider boarding stand to reap even more benefits from reservations, allowing transit managers to run reports based on confirmed reservations and track ridership to the individual level.

Gain Deeper Insights to Prepare for the Future

Reservations bring deeper insights into ridership analytics to assist in planning service and identifying riders when needed. Admins will enjoy the possibility for any route built into TripShot to have an option to require reservations, custom configuration of maximum seat capacity at the route or ride level, and confirmed or standby reservation lists.

Reservations bring transit systems into the future of transportation demand management. Collect more data, plan transit services with increased awareness and enable riders to take control of a changing transportation landscape with reservations.