Transform Transit Nightmares with TDM Technology

Use TDM to revive transit dead zones on your campus or in your community

Bring Transit to Life

Leaves are turning crimson and the cool winds of autumn are ushering in thoughts of apple picking, pumpkin spice and Halloween. But there’s something else lurking in the shadows that scares transit managers and commuters alike: transit dead zones. These voids in shared transportation coverage are a nightmare for people looking for easy commutes. They need an innovative TDM hero to bring to life dreams of more reliable and efficient transit service. 

TripShot knows that when areas of campuses or communities are underserved, it can be a bone-chilling experience. But have no fear, our unified transportation demand management (TDM) solution can change transit dead zones into better-connected and thriving parts of the transit system for universities, corporate campuses, hospitals and many communities. 

Getting out of the Shadows with Planning & Analysis

TripShot’s Planning & Analysis feature makes it easy for transportation admins to predict how changes to service can benefit their communities. They can easily and efficiently plan ahead utilizing their own, readily available data. Planning & Analysis is a TDM professional’s crystal ball, allowing them to predict challenges and take steps to avoid them.

Planning & Analysis also supports built-in scenario modeling. This is a transit manager’s secret potion for testing new routes, services and critical changes. We help our customers predict the overall benefits and impacts on their transportation system before making a single change in the real world. 

Summoning On-Demand Transit

Another foe to spooky transit dead zones is TripShot’s power to simulate on-demand transit service on a campus or in a community. Imagine this: a rider, in a low-density and congested area, takes out their smartphone and within minutes calls forth an on-demand ride that is convenient and reliable. This transit magic can be real and efficient after simulating on-demand service with TripShot.

Simulating on-demand transit service can reveal how new modes or expanded transit systems can improve access and reliability, banishing the worries about transit unpredictability and transforming dead zones into well-serviced transit sheds. People now commute without the haunting fear of unreliable transportation. 

Enchanting Transit Options

The enchantment of the Autumn season and anticipation of Halloween can be matched by the magical transformation of campus and community transit systems. TripShot’s TDM solution empowers transit admins to end the spine-tingling feeling of a community or area of campus that is disconnected from transit access and usher in a new era of reliable commuting.

Don’t be haunted by transportation woes on your campus or community any longer. TripShot can help you discover how TDM technology can magically transform transit dead zones into areas with seamless, connected transit service.