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The Future of Your Operation

TripShot's fleet management solution gives operators better control over trip planning logistics. Our Planning & Analysis tool helps you to plan ahead natively, efficiently, and using the latest real-time data. Built-in scenario modeling allows for the testing of new routes, services, and other critical functions to predict the overall benefits and impacts to the system before making changes in the real world.

A Look Ahead

True-Time® operational data gives transit planners the ability to accurately model service changes in advance. Planners can assess viability prior to deployment and predict the impact to the entire transit system as well as on riders.

Root Cause Analysis

Approach operational analysis top down, bottom up, and via natively collected big data, to find efficiency bottlenecks such as intersections and routes prone to cause delay.

Anomaly Detection

Know about potential service disruptions before they happen. Detect and flag deviations based on historical data for metrics such as typical travel path, ridership, travel time, and more.

Easy Scenario Comparison

Compare various scenarios on merits of impact to cost, emissions, rider convenience, and more in an isolated modeling environment before publishing changes to your operation. Single click functionality streamlines the comparison process by eliminating the cumbersome importing and exporting of information from disparate systems.

Optimization Made Easy

Easily identify how to make the most of drivers and vehicle assets for runcutting, rostering, and blocking. Operators can also opt to automatically schedule trips to streamline operations.

Platform Native

Our solution is built into the TripShot fleet management platform, ready to deploy out-of-the-box, and can leverage both previously collected institutional data, and all available True-Time® data to model new mobility scenarios without impacting daily operations.

Activity Performance Visualization

Get a comprehensive picture of activity performance. Generate maps, charts, and tables to visualize performance for activities such as check in/DVIR, deadhead, on-trip travel, dwell, breaks, idle, and maintenance.

The big picture gets clearer with TripShot's Planning & Analysis.

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