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The Future of Your Operation

TripShot helps operators use the latest real-time data for better control over trip planning logistics. Test new routes, services, and other critical functions for benefits and impacts before making changes in the real world.

A Look Ahead

True-Time® data helps transit planners model service changes in advance. Planners can test new changes before they go live and predict the impact to the system and riders.

Root Cause Analysis

Approach fleet operations analysis from every angle to find bottlenecks and other instances prone to cause delay.

Anomaly Detection

Detect and flag service disruptions before they happen based on historical data for metrics such as typical travel path, ridership, travel time, and more.

Easy Scenario Comparison

Compare potential changes on merits of impact to cost, emissions, rider convenience, and more in an isolated modeling environment. Single-click functionality eliminates the cumbersome importing and exporting of information from disparate systems.

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Optimization Made Easy

Easily make the most of drivers and vehicle assets for runcutting, rostering, and blocking. Operators can also automatically schedule trips to streamline operations.

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Platform Native

Our solution is built into the TripShot platform, ready to deploy on day one, and can make use of your data to help model new scenarios without impacting daily operations.

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Activity Performance Visualization

Generate maps, charts, and tables with our fleet visibility dashboards to see activity performance for all operations.

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The big picture gets clearer with TripShot's Planning & Analysis.

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A more efficient way to meet each rider's needs.

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Improved community support through advanced transit technology.


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