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Training Customers for Success

We uncover new efficiencies over time.

Enhancing Your Transit System

TripShot assesses the existing operations and the aspirational goals of each of our customers to shape their training and accommodate the unique needs of each transit system. Every operational team has different training needs. We customize our training process to achieve the most important goals of each customer.

The TripShot Training Process

  1. Understand the Transit System
    TripShot professionals work diligently to understand each customer’s transportation system. Early in the process, we discuss the most important aspects of your service and learn about the unique elements of ridership, service area, transportation modes and much more. 
  2. Start the Service
    We aim to launch your service soon after we build your TripShot environment and as early as you would like. The beginning of training includes what operators need to know to get your service started.
  3. Build on Basics
    Once the initial training is completed and your service is running, the TripShot launch team and your operators can have more community dialogue about how the transit system is performing, what needs to be tweaked, what goals are being achieved early on and what needs to be planned for the future.
  4. Optimize the Day-to-Day
    TripShot professionals will encourage operators to review reports with True-Time® data and consider how our solution can be optimized to make the day-to-day of running your transit system easier. Do your operators work better with certain types of notifications? Do quick searchers need to be run? How can you best use TripShot to manage things like driver schedules and making changes on the fly?
  5. Consider More Advanced Features
    As the relationship between your transportation team and TripShot’s Customer Success Manager grows, you might want to consider adding other features to your service mix. Could you find more efficiency in switching vehicles between fixed route and on demand? Could you fold parking management into TripShot? There are many ways to increase efficiency with our platform.

TripShot’s Training Supports You

We prioritize the most important training information needed to get your transit system up and running. We get your operators comfortable with our flexible solution and then we begin advanced training depending on the goals and bandwidth of each customer. Our training aims to meet customer expectations by taking their unique system into account and starting a growing partnership with implementation and training.

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