Shared Mobility: How TripShot Moves the Needle

Our solution inspires more sustainable transportation

A Day in the Life

Transportation is an integral part of daily life. We rely on it to get to school, work and other activities. Unfortunately, single-use occupancy vehicles have contributed to increases in air pollution, traffic congestion and climate change. Transportation demand management, powered by technology solutions like TripShot, can help to solve these problems.

Imagine a family with one parent who uses a corporate shuttle to commute to the office. This change in habit might inspire them to sometimes use public transportation or a bike for other trips, too. This might result in their household transitioning from two cars to one. Now imagine what can happen if shared transportation, smart technology solutions and sustainable mobility find new ways to work together. 

Better Mobility for a Better World

At TripShot, we provide technology solutions that make it easier to make sustainable transportation choices. Shared mobility has shown firsthand how TDM technology can change the trajectory of people’s lives and the larger environment. We work with universities, companies and other campuses so all their riders can have a sustainable transportation option. This reduces the need for vast parking facilities, the perils of traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions. 

The better user experience offered by our technology extends to public transit operators who want to more efficiently manage their fleets and riders who want a more intuitive experience. Our True-Time® data, a step above real-time, and our data analytics help transit operators to make more informed decisions and upgrade their services. This results in reduced wait times, growing ridership and an all-around better transportation experience for all. 

We’re Expanding the Possible

TripShot's technology offers an all-inclusive solution for transit managers and their riders to move the needle on shared mobility and inspire more mode shift. We work with universities, companies and communities that are all becoming more economically and environmentally efficient by using our software solution. Working together, we can support the changes that are happening in shared mobility and promote a more sustainable transportation system that benefits everyone.