Improve the Campus Rider Experience

Seamless commuting for riders on campus

TripShot's transportation management solution was developed with campus transportation in mind. Our technology helps transportation teams manage all their services in one platform, while simultaneously improving the rider experience with one mobility app for all their campus transportation options.

Rely on our Data

Our unified platform offers True-Time® ETA's providing riders with real-time location information based on GPS, allowing them to easily track their vehicles and plan their commute. This information reduces calls, emails and other requests for staff, allowing them to focus on providing an exceptional campus transportation experience. 

Highlight Points of Interest

TripShot’s Points of Interest feature makes it easy for admin to surface important locations or information on their campus map. Riders can utilize these Points of Interest within the Rider app. Points of Interest can be configured by your team and can be used to show places to eat, stadiums with links to purchase event tickets, EV parking areas, and so much more!

Save Time with On Demand

Many campuses are either unsatisfied with their on-demand transportation technology or are still operating on-demand transportation services manually. TripShot makes it easy to streamline on-demand transportation on campus. In addition to Fixed Route, our solution supports manual dispatching, optimization of routing and real-time tracking for on-demand services. TripShot also offers the option to implement a manual suspension for repeat no-show riders, saving others time and supporting a culture of accountability. 

Enhance Information Sharing

With TripShot, notifications go far beyond just vehicle location. TripShot makes it possible for an admin to notify some or all riders of route changes, shuttle delays, events, news and even upcoming campus initiatives. This proactive engagement helps foster a more informed and connected campus. 

Centralize Rider Feedback

Campus transportation staff know there is always feedback to collect from riders. When they have a suggestion or a concern, riders can share it directly through TripShot’s Rider app. All feedback is collected within the TripShot platform for management to organize and act on. 

A More Supportive Commute

TripShot’s TDM technology is revolutionizing the campus commute for riders, drivers and admins. We’re making campus commuting more sustainable, seamless and stress-free by enhancing the rider experience and supporting campus transportation teams. TripShot is dedicated to sparking positive change for campus transportation so we can all move towards a future of efficient and enjoyable commutes.