How FlexRide Stacks Up to Other TDM Solutions

Compare TripShot’s FlexRide to other transportation solutions

TripShot's newest transit mode, FlexRide, makes commuting easier for riders by offering pickup at their door (or another pickup location), pooling similar requests and providing a dynamic route to get them all to their destination on time.

Let’s take a closer look at how FlexRide stands out from other transportation demand management (TDM) products.

Comparative Analysis of FlexRide


Flexigo offers a dynamic route shuttle feature. The stop times can be preset and the route is optimized after booking has closed. The company also provides carsharing, ridepooling and optimization tools.


RideCo advertises guaranteed arrival times through its solver algorithm and its time-snapping features. This feature sets the trip to arrive a certain amount of minutes before the dropoff request time. RideCo’s offerings include on-demand transportation. 


Via offers corporate and campus shuttles and on-demand transportation software for routing and payment. The shuttle program offers a “depart at” and “arrive by” option. Via has had many successful deployments but does not support multi-mode operations with Fixed Route.


Zeelo is a transportation, logistics and supply chain company. Their software is for riders, operators and administrators. They offer a flexible shuttle service with commuting components, like preset stops and stop times as well as on-demand service. Their algorithm can generate flexible routes based on customer data.

A table comparing FlexRide functionality

FlexRide Drives Results

TripShot's first FlexRide customer has grown ridership and supported a better transportation experience for their riders. Their average weekly growth rate for completed trips in the first five months was 17%, with 93% of these trips receiving a 5-star rating from riders.

Enhanced Unified Transportation With FlexRide

FlexRide is the fruition of TripShot’s strong emphasis on innovation and sharp focus on solving changing client needs. Initially built for corporate campuses at some of the world's largest technology companies, TripShot offers FlexRide as another transportation mode for all types of future-oriented campuses. Whether corporate, medical, university or government campuses, FlexRide can seamlessly run alongside Fixed Route and On Demand or stand independently within the TripShot mobility operating system.