Holistic Approach to TDM Technology

A comprehensive approach to transportation demand management (TDM) for universities, hospitals, and company campuses.

One Solution for Your TDM Needs

Transportation at universities, hospitals, companies and other campuses needs sustainable and efficient TDM. As campuses have become more dynamic, TDM plans have never been more critical. TripShot offers a technology solution built holistically, supporting many elements of a campus’s TDM plan. Our software powers much more than shuttles, meeting unique needs across a transportation system. 

Our software powers fixed route, on-demand, parking, micromobility and other transit modes all managed within one unified TDM solution. Our real-time tracking and routing algorithms promote a more seamless and efficient experience for riders, drivers and admins. TripShot powers multimodal operations, enabling riders to plan trips across transportation modes by providing a holistic view of options including shuttles, micromobility, transit, cycling, transit integrations, communications tools and interactive maps to highlight key transportation amenities/infrastructure.

  • Points of Interest
    Our Points of Interest feature can be used to highlight important places in a transportation service area. These can be configurable to include bike share stations, transportation hubs, buildings, restaurants, retail, stadiums or other important locations. This functionality provides riders with more information to understand their surroundings and supports a seamless transportation experience overall. 
  • Micromobility
    TripShot makes it easy for campuses to manage their micromobility fleets and for riders to find bikes or other micromobility devices in the mobile app. Micromobility options provide riders with another transportation mode that is sustainable and gives them more choices in their commute. 
  • Parking
    Managing and navigating campus parking can be challenging for admins and commuters. TripShot provides the ability for admins to manage both transit and parking in one unified solution. TripShot’s Parking feature, surfaced in the mobile app, helps commuters to reserve parking, find open spots and enjoy a more seamless parking experience.
  • Communication
    A successful TDM plan is built on effective communication. TripShot makes it easy for admins to communicate with riders through system-wide announcements and custom notifications, updating riders about any disruptions, schedule changes or other important information. Riders can configure their TripShot Rider App for specific push notifications. This includes the ability to receive notifications based on real-time location data and set configurable alerts for a rider’s specific stop.

How We Support TDM Plans

  • Real-Time Data 
    TripShot’s GPS integration monitors True-TimeⓇ vehicle location and activity. Our ability to capture GPS every second, paired with the intelligence behind TripShot’s mapping algorithms, makes it easier for riders to see exactly where their vehicles are to better plan and empowers admins/dispatch to have high confidence in their data.
  • One Platform 
    TripShot unifies many transportation elements into one solution, simplifying the day-to-day operations of campus transportation teams and the campus community. Admins can easily use the TripShot Dashboard to monitor their campus transportation system.
  • Configurable
    Every single transportation system has unique needs. TripShot’s technology is flexible to meet specific needs and nuances of many different types of transportation systems. 

A Partner in TDM

TripShot is solving some of the most pressing problems in mobility. Since day 1, we have been building a solution catering to the unique needs of campus transportation and TDM planning. We approach TDM technology comprehensively, considering the tech alongside the several different needs of a successful transportation system. Our solution supports transportation administrators to manage a more efficient, sustainable, and rider-centric transit system for their communities.