Get Your Employees to Their Shift On Time

How FlexRide supports transportation for shift workers and industrial manufacturing

The manufacturing job market is competitive. Offering a benefit to help frontline workers arrive for their shifts isn’t just a matter of convenience, it’s a critical part of operational success. Workers often face limited transportation alternatives, leading to delays and increased employee turnover. This is where FlexRide can help, by supporting a seamless and robust transportation management system that is configurable to meet the unique needs of shift workers and industrial manufacturing companies. 

Why Use FlexRide at Your Manufacturing Facility? 

  • On-Time Arrival
    With FlexRide, employees can use the TripShot Rider app to plan their transportation and specify the time they will arrive at the facility for their shifts. FlexRide is a scheduled transit solution that works by pooling similar ride requests and providing a dynamic route to get all riders to their destination on time. This is an important component for shift workers, providing them with a punctual commuting option. Companies benefit from fewer disruptions in production timelines and more predictable shift changes.
  • A Unified Transportation Program
    TripShot’s all-in-one transportation solution makes it easy for companies to get started with a transportation program. Our platform includes powerful data and analytics reporting tools, making it easy to adjust schedules and ensure that operations run smoothly. With TripShot, companies can run FlexRide alongside Fixed Route transit or even On Demand.
  • Adaptability and Flexibility
    Manufacturing and industrial operations require transportation solutions that are reliable and adaptable. FlexRide offers flexibility to accommodate a multitude of routes and schedules for employee commutes, adapting to the needs of your operations and making it easy to scale up or modify service over time. 

The Impact of FlexRide on Manufacturing Operations

FlexRide isn’t simply an upgrade to your transportation system, it offers the possibility to transform operational efficiency and increase productivity. Here’s how: 

  • Talent Attraction and Retention
    Reliable transportation is a significant benefit to attract and retain employees. This is especially true in markets with limited transportation alternatives. Providing FlexRide offers a dependable way to get to work and a valuable benefit for prospective employees. 
  • Supporting Productivity
    Employees who commute with FlexRide arrive on time and are ready for their shifts. They’re better prepared to start their day and be productive. This readiness can support improvements in the quality and quantity of work. 
  • Advanced Reporting & Analytics
    Using TripShot for corporate transport management at your manufacturing company makes it easy to gain insights into your transportation system’s performance with detailed analytics and reporting. TripShot can provide data such as routing and automated alerts to maintain service level agreements (SLAs). This helps transit managers to anticipate inefficiencies and get their workforce where they need to be. 

Powering Efficient Manufacturing Operations

Starting FlexRide at your manufacturing facility is a step towards greater efficiency and employee satisfaction. FlexRide helps to ensure that your workforce’s commute is aligned with the success of your operations. Attract and retain talent, uncover more productivity and operationalize intuitive reporting and analytics. With FlexRide, you can transform how you manage and support your most valuable asset - your employees.