Extend Robust Campus Security to Your Fleet

Bring security beyond buildings and general operations with a trusted transportation demand management platform.

Security in the Campus Transportation Industry

Higher education, corporate, hospitals and other campuses are meeting the ever-changing needs to secure their buildings, operational tools and campus transportation fleets. Transportation demand management solutions must be prepared to satisfy the growing security needs of these campuses and must be adaptable to meet the unique needs of each transportation system.

5 Ways TDM Software Can Secure Your Fleets

TDM solutions that support badging gather significant and informative rider boarding data. Employees, students or other riders can tap their badge upon boarding, and the data around the time of boarding, stop where boarding occurred, name of the rider, badge ID, badge validity, vehicle, driver and additional information is captured. 

Riders can reserve a seat on a Fixed Route vehicle. This feature enables increased security and trust among riders and operators. Riders have confidence that they have a seat with adequate spacing reserved for their trip and operators are more aware of their passengers. 

Engineered for Security
TDM solutions should have engineering and security teams with a strong development cycle including open-source platforms with a robust support community. Platforms must be developed with industry-leading detection programs, bug-scanning utilities, strict change control mechanisms and quality assurance checks for every step of development and release.

Ridership Tracking
Besides using Badging, TDM solutions can support Fixed Route Reservations and wallet features, allowing passengers to reserve a seat on a fixed route bus or shuttle. Their reservations and boardings are recorded as they activate their ticket. This data as well as total boardings and capacity by individual trip can be easily reached via reporting.

Secured Data
TDM solutions should have security programs with a focus to implement perimeter controls, strict authentication, data segmentation, data integrity checks and real-time replication for data availability. They should implement hundreds of controls to mitigate risks and reduce threats. They should be committed to an ongoing effort to always improve their workflow and build upon an enterprise-level security program.

TripShot Connects Security Across Campuses

TripShot has deployed over 1,000 badge scanners and many customers utilize badge scanning within their TripShot ecosystem. This entire process is closely managed, monitored and supported by the TripShot team directly. If needed, TripShot can provide onsite support to the operator for installation.

TripShot specializes in delivering secure enterprise SaaS solutions that serve the functional and security needs of many top US technology companies. As part of our commitment to satisfying the high-security demands of these tech leaders, TripShot is ISO 27001 certified and performs independent auditing of our processes and security posture. We recognize that the security atmosphere is constantly evolving and that a platform with a fast-acting support community is best leveraged to provide the quickest response with a large scope of resources.