What to Expect During Implementation & Training

Technology vendors should tailor training for each unique customer.

Training Should Meet Your Unique Needs

Training shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all, it should accommodate the unique needs of each transit system. It's important to note which vendors listen so you can expect a growing partnership that maximizes benefits for your organization. TripShot recognizes that every team has different training requirements and tailors training based on what is most important for each new customer. 

What to Expect from A Vendor

A Supportive Launch Team
Their top priority should be to actively support the build and successful launch of your mobility ecosystem. This team could include business development contact(s), an implementation manager, your dedicated customer success manager and experts such as product management, field support specialists and others.

A Smooth Process
A smooth transition from the buying decision to the implementation of your leadership team’s vision and production with vehicles on the road. Through the implementation, your Launch Team should support the buildout while actively identifying opportunities to streamline your operation.

Routine Check-ins
A good partner’s work is never done, so vendors should strive to stay ahead of your needs through routine check-ins. TripShot actively seeks to solve new transit challenges and helps with evaluating new technologies of interest to our customers.

A Dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM)
Your dedicated CSM should grow your partnership with their company so they can plan to serve the future needs of your mobility ecosystem.

TripShot Grows with Customers

We layer our trainings to cover the most important and most interesting components of our transportation demand management solution first. We like to teach our customers how to fish and to find additional ways to use TripShot to make their operations more efficient. Then we begin advanced training depending on the goals and bandwidth of each customer. 

We take customer expectations and their unique system into account and start a growing partnership with implementation and training. TripShot provides training specific to CAD/AVL or TDM system users and administrators, bus operators, road supervisors, reporting and any other topic/user group required. Whether you have one vehicle or dozens, it's our priority to structure Implementation & Training at a pace that is manageable for each unique customer. 

After formal training is complete, our team pivots to training for day-to-day operations. We examine any pain points and identify ways to further simplify the system. We support our customers to use our technology and automation to the fullest and to make their day-to-day easier.