TripShot Integrations: Signage and Audio with Hanover

Outfit your fleet with clear signage and annunciation services

The Benefits of Headsign & AVAS Integrations

A headsign is the sign on the front of a vehicle providing its direction, destination, route number, or other pertinent information. Automated Vehicle Annunciation Systems (AVAS) frequently pair with headsigns to complete the rider experience. Utilizing headsigns and AVAS ensures passengers are boarding the correct vehicle and alighting at their stop. TripShot’s platform can help simplify the management of these tools.

Meeting Unique Hardware Needs 

TripShot partners with Hanover to provide preprogrammed audio messaging, voice announcements and interior signage, seamlessly integrated with our software solution. Hanover provides a suite of tools that allows for the configuration and customization of announcements in their Hanover Central Software, allowing for both audio and visual announcements. TripShot can automatically update LED signs by communicating directly to a Hanover headsign. This can all be integrated via Bluetooth connection.


TripShot and Hanover solutions can be installed at different times, allowing you to deploy the full-ranging solution iteratively. We can help to support a smooth installation of both TripShot and Hanover hardware with timelines dependent upon hardware and vehicle availability that can vary from project to project. Hanover aims to minimize the time window between the arrival of hardware and in-vehicle installs.

Delivering the Future of Transportation Demand Management

Our partnerships allow TripShot to be the single-point logon to other onboard systems such as head signs, APCs, and AVA equipment when these integrations are present. TripShot takes all reasonable measures to operate with the current and future equipment of a given transit system. We aim to integrate with forward-thinking, cloud-based technology companies with open APIs. 

TripShot is committed to working with our trusted installation partners to meet the expected lead time and installation schedule of hardware required to operate TripShot TMS for a given customer's fleet.