TripShot Integrations: Fuel Monitoring Systems with ChargePoint

Transportation management and fuel monitoring with an all-in-one solution.

The Benefits of Fuel Monitoring System Integrations

A fuel monitoring system measures a given vehicle’s remaining fuel or battery level in real time. Some fuel monitoring systems can also detect theft or other incidents related to the fuel of a vehicle fleet. Integrating a fuel monitoring system with a transportation management system like TripShot can reap many benefits, such as consolidated transportation management, increased fleet efficiency, data aggregation and more accurate system planning. 

Meeting Unique Power Needs 

TripShot partners with ChargePoint to surface an electric vehicle’s state of charge to dispatchers and operations teams. This is done via API integration. As more of our customers transition to or expand their electric vehicle fleets, we aim to deepen our partnership with ChargePoint. This will ensure that transit systems powered by TripShot will have enhanced support to achieve climate action goals and other benefits of an electric vehicle fleet.

During installation

TripShot and ChargePoint components can be installed at different times, allowing you to deploy the full-ranging solution over time. We can support a smooth installation of both TripShot and ChargePoint with timelines dependent upon hardware and vehicle availability that can vary from project to project. 

TripShot is committed to working with our trusted installation partners to meet the expected lead time and installation schedule of hardware required to operate TripShot TMS for a given customer's fleet. 

We are Powering the Future of TMS

Our partnerships allow TripShot to be the single-point login to other onboard components when these integrations are present. TripShot takes all reasonable measures to accommodate the current and future equipment needs of a given electric vehicle fleet. Our strategy is to partner with forward-thinking, cloud-based technology companies that support open APIs and envision a more streamlined mobility future.