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We work to make TripShot compatible with validated integrations from leading partners across the industry. If you'd like to know whether a specific tool or vendor you use is compatible, ask us and we'll likely have a way to integrate it into your TripShot solution.

In-vehicle Tech

  • TripShot seamlessly integrates with AVA solutions to play announcements at each stop. TripShot takes load off the driver by passing predefined route codes to the on-board AVA controller at designated times or by integrating with on-board AVA hardware via GTFS-RT and APIs to play cloud configured announcements at each stop.

  • TripShot can integrate with corporate badging systems to handle rider tracking and boarding. Drivers can validate badges as riders board with TripShot matching against a locally stored database. While in transit, all badging communications from TripShot servers to the TripShot Driver app are encrypted.

  • TripShot provides electric vehicle monitoring and fleet analytics in our admin view allowing dispatchers greater visibility and faster access to the information they need. TripShot engine diagnostic information includes data on engine code errors, charge state, available battery percentage, available electric miles, and more.

  • TripShot integrates with wireless ELD devices to monitor driver fatigue as a native function of driver flow.

  • TripShot can provide GPS location information to infotainment platforms to provide location-based announcements and onboard advertising opportunities.

  • TripShot supports integrations to multiple APC vendors. Passenger counts are stored at the stop level and can be rolled up by route, shift, and more, making it easy and seamless for teams to compile and coordinate ridership reporting.

  • TripShot can integrate with interior and exterior vehicle signs to display preprogrammed destination, route, or messages to riders. TripShot gives admins the ability to dynamically and centrally manage signs for easier updates.

  • TripShot supports close integration with existing TSPs to ensure more efficient and effective transit systems. TripShot provides GTFS and GTFS-RT data to support signal prioritization rules at equipped intersections along fixed routes, potentially reducing dwell and travel times. TripShot also provides a cloud-to-cloud dedicated API connection to pass vehicle location and schedule adherence data to traffic network systems that manage traffic flows across multiple intersections.

Third-party Software & Hardware

  • TripShot’s robust APIs support business security initiatives, including specific personnel responses, encrypted passenger details, dynamic dashboards, and other workflows.

  • TripShot integrates with commuter benefits programs allowing riders’ pre-tax dollars to be utilized within our Wallet as valid fare payment.

  • TripShot’s GTFS and GTFS-RT support creates opportunities for robust Passenger Information Displays at key mobility locations to showcase advertisements, pertinent transportation information, announcements, etc.

  • From open systems to secure identity management (SSO) approaches, TripShot can provide the rider identification details for transportation reporting, human resource management, contact tracing, and more.

  • TripShot integrates with runcutting and optimization solutions to ensure maximum scheduling efficiency. The output of schedule optimization tools can be imported directly into TripShot, eliminating any workflow duplication, and allowing operations teams to manage service delivery in TripShot.

Other Mobility Providers

  • TripShot’s advanced integrations allow transit managers to weave shared scooters, bikes, e-bikes, and additional modes into the transit network to create a seamless experience.

  • TripShot supports the ability for private mobility providers to incorporate public transit services into their offerings with real-time tracking for a more seamless, expansive rider experience.

  • TripShot supports the ability to manage, distribute, and track “Ride Codes” from TNC services like Lyft and Uber. Codes can be requested through the TripShot Rider app to guarantee a ride home or cover service areas not currently running. Learn More

Limitless integrations are just the beginning.

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