TripShot Integrations: APCs with iris

Complement robust reporting with more ridership data

The Benefits of APCs

An Automatic Passenger Counter (APC) is an electronic device that accurately records boarding and alighting data when installed on transit vehicles. Using APCs can improve the reliability and accuracy of transit ridership data compared to more traditional methods like manual counts from drivers or random surveying. APCs can complement TripShot’s robust reporting to further analyze transit use patterns.

Meeting Unique Hardware Needs 

TripShot powers a wide array of transit systems ranging from campus transit for higher education, companies, and hospitals, as well as small rural operations and systems in larger cities. Depending on customer requirements, we partner with companies like iris to meet unique hardware needs. 

We offer out-of-the-box integration with iris and can provide additional support as needed. TripShot utilizes either Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication protocols from the tablet or APIs to integrate with APC equipment. With iris, TripShot leverages a cloud-to-cloud API integration to track boardings and alightings down to the stop level. Passenger counts are stored at the stop level and can be rolled up by route, shift, and more, making it easy and seamless for teams to compile and coordinate ridership reporting.


With TripShot, there is no physical integration, meaning should you need to move to a different CAD/AVL vendor in the future you may be able to keep the iris system in place. It also means that the TripShot and iris solutions can be installed at different times, allowing you to deploy the full-ranging solution iteratively.

If hardware is needed for a specific transit operation, installations of TripShot with iris are typically scheduled 4-6 weeks after a contract is finalized. Iris aims to minimize the time window between the arrival of hardware and in-vehicle installs. Depending on the overall size of the project, iris has the capacity to perform a site visit/fleet review prior to a final hardware order. 

Delivering the Future of Transportation Demand Management

TripShot is committed to working with trusted installation partners to meet the expected lead time and installation schedule of hardware required to operate TripShot TMS for a given customer's fleet. 

Our partnerships allow TripShot to be the single-point logon to other onboard systems such as APCS, head signs, and AVA equipment when these integrations are present. TripShot takes all reasonable measures to operate with the current and future equipment of a given transit system. We aim to integrate with forward-thinking, cloud-based technology companies with open APIs.