Streamline Campus Transit with Updates to On Demand Zones

Using physical addresses and zone eligibility to create personalized On Demand Zones

Saving Time and Supporting Personalization

TripShot On Demand just got an update that will make things more personalized for both admins and riders. TripShot Admin users will now be required to use a Region when creating an On Demand Zone. This means that TDM professionals can control the vehicles allowed to perform the request based on their Region and zone eligibility of the stops the user has requested

The best part is that creating a new Region can be done with a physical address instead of GPS coordinates. When selecting a physical address from the dropdown, the address will be converted to lat/long. This update will save admins time and make the process of creating a new region much easier.

Changes to Mixed Shifts

It's important to note that the solution does not allow mixing On Demand and Fixed Route when creating Shift assignments. On Demand work and Fixed Route work will no longer be able to exist together in one shift assignment. If an admin currently uses "mixed shifts," TripShot will still support that. When attempting to add mixed work, TripShot will now display this message: "You can only add assignments that have a ride type of 'On Demand/Fixed Route' to this shift."

Onwards and Upwards

Overall, this update makes TripShot On Demand more personalized for both admins and riders. Admins can now control the vehicles and the stops a rider is eligible for based on their Region and zone eligibility. Riders have more power to change their respective zones based on eligibility by updating the Region in the rider app. As a result of this change, TDM professionals will have more time to focus on providing excellent transportation on campus.

So, if you're a TDM professional who uses TripShot On Demand, be sure to check out this update and start using Regions in your On Demand Zones. It's an easy way to make your transportation system more efficient and user-friendly for everyone involved.