Solve Your Campus Parking Challenges

Connect Parking & Transportation Management with One Platform

Flexibility is Required to Meet Competing Needs

Campus parking can be a significant challenge for universities, companies and other organizations. With limited space, competing demands and a growing population of riders, managing parking on any campus can be a daunting task. TripShot helps our customers with innovative solutions that not only make it easier to manage parking but, also improve transportation options on campus.

One of the biggest challenges of parking is accommodating the needs of everyone. Employees, students, and visitors all require access to parking, and the demand can vary throughout the day. At TripShot, we understand the logistical challenges of parking on campus, and we have solutions to help.

The Benefits of a TMS that Connects Campus Parking & Transit

The TripShot platform automatically aggregates parking utilization data, empowering operators to make data-driven decisions about parking facilities and helping drivers find the perfect spot every time.

  • Replace Long-Term Permits with Daily Parking
    Many campuses offer annual or semester-long permits so students and faculty have guaranteed parking spots. However, it can lead to low parking space utilization. TripShot makes it easy for drivers to reserve parking for short timeframes, allowing for more dynamic parking management. This can help reduce congestion and increase parking availability for everyone.
  • Efficiently Manage Event Parking 
    Universities and companies often host large events that bring in visitors from outside the campus community. TripShot’s Parking feature makes it easy to manage parking for these events by collecting historical data and allowing for flexibility, ensuring a smooth parking experience for everyone.
  • Promote Sustainability
    Sustainability initiatives are becoming increasingly important for campuses. Many organizations are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact and encourage alternative transportation options. TripShot makes it easy to integrate alternatives to driving a single-occupancy vehicle to campus by showing all the campus’s mobility options in one app. This can connect parking with campus shuttles, micromobility, on-demand service and public transit. 

Meet the Needs of Parking on Your Campus

Managing campus parking requires a multifaceted approach that takes into account the needs of everyone. With innovative solutions like TripShot’s Parking feature, organizations can connect their campus transportation options and reduce their parking-related challenges. Our solution makes it easy to manage short-term parking, event parking and the larger campus transit system all with one technology. This allows campus transportation professionals to achieve climate action and sustainability goals and support a shift to more efficient campus transportation options.