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Bridge the gap with intuitive and flexible transportation demand management (TDM) technology

Focusing on Rural Transportation

Oftentimes the transportation industry centers on urban areas, overshadowing the unique challenges of rural transportation. Cities often benefit from more extensive transportation systems while rural communities typically grapple with very limited transportation choices. However, On-demand public transportation is a tool that is making it easier to connect rural communities, removing mobility barriers and expanding the reach of fixed route and other traditional transportation. 

On Demand on The Rise 

On-demand mobility has made public transportation more viable and more reliable in rural areas. This transportation mode offers a more responsive and flexible transportation service that can be tailored to the unique needs of rural communities. 

Transportation professionals in rural areas can use solutions like TripShot to offer riders more mobility options. Riders can easily request rides when needed, reducing inefficiencies of single occupancy vehicles and complementing fixed schedules and routes of their transit systems. This creates a more convenient rural public transportation experience for riders and more optimized resource allocation for transit systems, promoting more cost-effective and sustainable transit solutions. 


Microtransit as a form of on-demand transportation can provide another flexible option for rural public transit systems. Typically making use of smaller vehicles and adapting to ridership demands, it plays an important role in supporting unique rural transportation systems. Microtransit can be an efficient mobility option for residents in less densely populated communities.

Transit for All Communities

The unique transportation needs of rural communities can be met by flexible and intuitive TDM. On-demand, microtransit, fixed route and even parking management can play an important role in enhancing transportation options for rural areas. Transportation technology like TripShot offers a unified solution that can manage any and all of these transportation modes.

TripShot is supporting organizations like Horizon Health, helping people in rural Kentucky get to their appointments on time. Rural communities can use TripShot’s technology and innovative transportation solutions to create more efficient, cost-effective, accessible and sustainable rural transportation networks.

Together, we can solve the most challenging problems in mobility.

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