Recap: CPTA 2022 

Micromobility, parking technology infrastructure and connected solutions are the future of parking demand management.


Each year, the Campus Parking and Transportation Association (CPTA) hosts a conference bringing together campus parking leaders throughout North America. The mission of CPTA is to promote and represent the parking industry on the campuses of colleges and universities. The organization is committed to enhancing the professional image of parking and also serves as a unifying force in promoting state and local legislation by fostering partnerships with individuals.

TripShot was delighted to sponsor and exhibit this annual event, meet with our customers and learn more about parking demand management operations. 

5 Key Takeaways

Our team participated in sessions and tours, met with attendees and represented how we solve parking problems with a unified TDM solution. Here are our key takeaways:

  1. Campuses are Investing in All Forms of Transportation
    The host campus, Texas A&M University, led tours of many projects being completed around campus as they relate to parking, transportation, micromobility and pedestrian infrastructure. Campuses everywhere are making similar investments with widening sidewalks for safer pedestrian traffic, introducing micromobility to accommodate more travel options, etc. Campuses need technology solutions that make it easy to manage the day-to-day of multimodal operations
  2. Gamedays are Critical
    Higher education campuses often spend much of their time and effort planning for as little as seven sports events in the Fall. Sports events can bring in a lot of revenue via ticketing, concessions, parking, foot traffic to the local businesses and people staying at hotels. Oftentimes, more than half of the attendees of these events commute to campus. It’s critical to safely and quickly get fans situated before the game.
  3. Moving Away from Parking Permits
    Campuses for higher education, companies and others often have many different types of parking permits. Managing all of the variations is a large undertaking. Technology solutions support campuses to go to a permit-less model and use technology instead.
  4. Parking Needs to be Easily Accessible
    Campuses need to strategically plan parking facilities to allow commuters to get anywhere on campus within a 10-minute walk from their vehicle. Technology solutions need to make it easy to locate the best parking facility options for each commuter before arriving.
  5. Micromobility Poses High Risks and High Rewards
    Micromobility can be a huge benefit for campuses, but it needs to be done correctly. Each campus needs to determine the processes, rules and technology that will streamline the experience and give admins more control over their fleet.

Moving Parking Forward

The connections made at CPTA will help to move campuses forward as parking management continues to meet the changing demands of hybrid work schedules and the evolving needs of commuters. Parking leaders will succeed with the right planning, parking infrastructure and parking technology solutions.