Recap: California Transit Association’s Fall 2022 Conference

Building for adaptability, sustainability and equity to ensure a successful public transit industry future.

California Transit Association

The California Transit Association hosts its Fall Conference annually. This gathering brought leaders in public transit, software technology, vehicle manufacturers and more together to discuss the future of the California public transit industry. Keynote speakers shared their experiences with building toward an equitable and green economy, supporting urban revitalization strategies and promoting public transit in general. 

TripShot was pleased to attend this annual event, meet with our customers and strategize how to solve some of the biggest challenges in California public transportation.

Key Takeaways

  • Uplifting Equity
    Equity has always been a priority for public transit and has only grown in importance. Public transit is unique in that it’s programs are publicly funded and thus must serve the maximum amount of people. This means public transit agencies and services have unique accessibility, payment and transit coverage needs. Public transit agencies need technology partners that can promote innovation while also uplifting the nature of public transit as a public good and a means for more equitable communities.
  • Prioritizing Sustainability
    Public transit agencies need vendors that take sustainability seriously and develop solutions that empower them to meet their sustainability and climate action goals. Agencies need solutions that make it easier for people to choose transit and for admins to easily report on sustainability metrics and partners who minimize their environmental impact. 
  • Planning for Adaptability
    Transit agencies and other public transit providers must prioritize flexibility in the era of hybrid work environments and new travel patterns. They need solutions that make it easy to manage vehicles, to offer and manage different modes such as fixed route, on-demand and more, and to make changes to driver assignments or fleet schedules at a moment's notice. 

The Future of Public TDM

The California Transit Association Fall Conference reaffirmed the public transit agency’s commitment to equity, adaptability and sustainability. It’s a new day in public transit. Demand and funding for equitable and sustainable transit systems continue to increase. Riders expect an intuitive, safe and reliable experience. Public transit agencies and services throughout California and the US can lead the industry by prioritizing these themes and innovating to meet changing industry needs.