Recap: APTA 2022 

The future of transportation demand management for the public transit industry


Each year, the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) hosts the TRANSform Conference, APTA’s flagship event for public transportation professionals to engage in workshops, experience technical tours and network with colleagues. Keynote speakers and educational sessions explore hot topics, including transformative technology, mental health awareness, community building, innovative funding and finance, safety and security, workforce development, worldwide mega projects and more.

TripShot was delighted to attend this annual event, meet with our customers and learn more about the most pressing problems facing public transportation today. 

5 Key Takeaways

This conference brings together hundreds of public transportation professionals. Here are just a few key takeaways:

  1. The Operator Shortage Continues
    The public transportation industry still struggles with an operator shortage. Agencies and smaller providers need solutions that allow them to plan for maximum shift efficiency and less routes with more coverage. TripShot powers transportation systems that are flexible to the needs of riders, drivers and admins, finding new efficiencies in times like these.
  2. Transit Dead Zones Need to be Identified
    Transit agencies have been making strides in using new service delivery models to expand transit in their communities. All-in-one, unified solutions like TripShot can help transit agencies with a native trip planner, allowing them to use their aggregated system data to plan service changes and reach current transit dead zones.
  3. Tribal Transit is Expanding
    Federal funding for tribal transit programs has allowed for expanding service in tribal areas. Many of these areas are vast and less densely populated. These agencies could benefit from on-demand or microtransit service to better serve riders and support rider satisfaction with a more appropriate transit mode compared to larger or fixed route vehicles.
  4. Service Stories Should be Communicated
    Agencies, riders and technology providers have been through a lot in the last several years. Tell your story. Your agency has likely changed some things, but many aspects of your service remain familiar to people who once rode the system. Highlight the consistencies that riders expect with your service and communicate how trips with your agency have gotten even better. 
  5. Transportation is a Community Development Must
    Infrastructure stands to be an important topic in the years to come. Public transportation is infrastructure and also a tool for community development in cities and towns. Solutions like TripShot can foster community development with expanded notifications for events and important notices, points of interest to highlight the best destinations in your community and much more.

Transforming Public Transit

The APTA conference was an important moment when hundreds of public transit professionals could be together, in person, during one of the most exciting times for infrastructure and mobility in recent history. The connections made at APTA only enhance the industry as it continues to meet the changing needs of riders. Transit agency leaders have the funding, they will succeed with the right planning and technology solutions