Recap: ACT TDM Forum 2022

Supporting commuter mode shift away from single occupancy vehicles. 

Moving Away from SOVs

Each year the ACT TDM Forum hosts commuter industry leaders who present new research and case studies on current commuter issues. Attendees include government entities, transit planners, consulting firms, operators and software vendors. The main theme of this gathering was getting people out of single-occupancy vehicles and making transportation more equitable, accessible and sustainable. 

EV Acceleration

Attendees and presenters were quick to note that although electric vehicles (EVs) are sustainable and well-funded, there are several serious challenges to deploying them. These challenges include training maintenance staff and drivers, the range of the vehicles limiting the routes they can perform and the lack of charging infrastructure. Although there is a lot of government funding going into electrifying fleets, there are still hurdles to overcome before EVs become more mainstream.

On Demand & Vanpool

On Demand and vanpool are powerful tools for encouraging mode shift from SOVs. States, cities, companies and other organizations are turning to these modes to transport people to healthcare visits, work and other destinations. These modes can become even more accessible and ubiquitous by allowing riders to easily find applicable vanpools and schedule their own trips through technology software.

Mode Shift Allows for Community Improvements

The investments in EVs and the proliferation of on demand, vanpools and other newer modes allow commuters to imagine a future where communities aren’t overrun by traffic congestion and infrastructure doesn’t prioritize single occupancy vehicles over people. Examples like the Atlanta Beltline, a $4 billion transportation infrastructure project in the early stages of implementation around Atlanta, offers a glimpse into the possible future where mode shift, private investment is spurred, climate action is more achievable and communities can thrive.

Promote Mode Shift with a Unified TMS

Goals of reducing SOVs, scaling up EVs, promoting mode shift and livable communities are achieved when decision-makers take small actions. TripShot is a technology vendor created to solve the problem of long, exhausting and environmentally intensive commutes. Our unified mobility management platform makes it easy for cities, campuses for corporations and higher education, and other organizations to support these ideals.