It’s Time to Manage Parking & Transit on Campus

We’re connecting transit and parking management on campus with one platform. 

Make Parking Management Easy

TripShot keeps customers at the forefront of innovation, constantly updating our technology so you can run great transportation service on your campus and in your community. Now, customers can use TripShot to manage transit and parking on campus. 

TripShot can automatically aggregate parking utilization data, empowering your team to make data-driven decisions about your parking facilities. Parking data and reporting can be accessed in the same platform as transit operations, streamlining transportation data collection on your campus. 

Solving for the Hybrid Work Use Cases

Campuses everywhere are adjusting to changing work schedules and new commuting norms. Our parking feature meets the needs of several different use cases.

  1. A user needs to know where to find a parking spot
    TripShot allows administrators to denote parking facilities right in the TripShot Rider App, making it easy for users to know their options and know how many spaces are available at each. These points can include photos and tags for parking locations to increase visibility for users.
  2. A user needs to know which parking spaces are available 
    TripShot can provide in-app options for users to denote when they have arrived and departed a parking spot. Also, we support integrations with third-party parking sensors, allowing for a constant inbound feed of parking data. 
  3. A user needs to reserve parking
    TripShot users can easily reserve a parking space before their trip. This reservation is confirmed by user check-in, check-out and GPS snapshot. 

Driving the Future of Transportation Demand Management

The future of transportation demand management must meet the challenges of hybrid schedules, new commute patterns, new commuter demands and more. Folding parking into your TripShot instance can encourage people to take shared shuttles and increase productivity, lower climate impact, lower parking management costs, allow for the rightsizing of parking facilities and support more informed decisions for your campus transportation.