New Year, New Transit Technology

Start fresh with a unified mobility operating system

A Time to Strive for Better

Every new year prompts reflection and resolutions. Maybe your campus is setting goals for the 2023 semester or the first business quarter. Maybe this is a time to take stock of the services your campus uses to manage transit - are they aligning with the changing needs of your riders over the past few years? Does everything flow? Are you maximizing the value of the solutions you use?

The Benefits of a Unified Mobility Operating System

Campuses that use TripShot to manage their fixed route, on demand, parking and other mobility services maximize the value of their technology and the efficiency of their operations. Our software is routinely updated to ensure your operations are secure and powered by the latest technology. Whether hybrid, full-time face-to-face environments or frequently changing schedules, TripShot powers transit services that meet some of the most important needs of corporate and higher education campuses today. 

  • Everything in One Place
    TripShot is an industry leader providing a single mobility operating system for all your campus transportation needs. We were born to solve long-haul commutes in the Bay Area and we have built a product that can flex to the needs of some of the leading tech companies, small or sprawling universities, and large hospital systems. 
  • Intuitive Dashboards
    TripShot dashboards allow dispatch to easily monitor service levels, set and reach KPIs,  understand fleet vehicle capacity, set and review maintenance alerts, track on-time performance (OTP), view GPS playback and more, all in real-time. In addition, TripShot’s True-Time® provides up-to-the-second, GPS-based location data to managers, drivers, and riders.
  • Planning & Analysis
    When your campus transportation is all connected via one mobility operating system, your historical data is connected, too. Dispatch and admins can easily pull TripShot reports. They can then use built-in scenario modeling with our Planning & Analysis tool to turn that historical and real-time data into testable models for the future of your operations.

Time to Look Towards the Future

There is never a better time than the present to strive for a more efficient campus transportation system. If you’re looking to upgrade, consolidate or overhaul the technology you use to manage shared transit, micromobility, parking or other transportation at your campus, consider TripShot. We’re trusted by a majority of leading tech company campuses in the US and many other types of small and large transit systems. We are focused on innovating, creating new features to address industry trends, and prioritizing ease-of-use for dispatch, drivers and riders.