New Possibilities with the Latest Parking Updates

Supporting transportation managers with easy editing and cancellation capabilities

Continuous Innovation

TripShot's team aims to support transportation managers with the latest technology solutions so they can simplify their day-to-day operations. Our focus on innovation means that we’re regularly pushing updates to our features, like Parking, so we can continue to meet the changing needs of our customers. Some of our latest parking feature enhancements can make your parking management more efficient.

Our Latest Enhancements

  • Updated Reservations Editing Options
    Riders or commuters sometimes have a change of plans. TripShot’s Rider App makes it easy to modify a parking reservation. The app ensures the previous request won’t be lost and riders won’t have to worry about being bumped to a waitlist. The latest improvements to the parking feature include an enhanced editing capability that differentiates between approved edits and others that would be considered a new reservation.
  • Automatic Canceling of Reservations 
    Sometimes, TripShot Rider App users might not be able to check into their parking reservation at the time for which it was scheduled. The auto cancellation capability allows transportation managers to ensure efficient parking space utilization. If a commuter does not check in within an hour before the beginning of the reservation, it will be automatically canceled. A safeguard for this new policy is that the reservation will only be autocancelled if the commuter does not check in within 30 minutes of the scheduled reservation. 
  • Managing Large Parking Facilities
    Transportation managers know the importance of managing large parking facilities and accurately aligning technology to support this. The latest capabilities of our Parking feature include a maximum parking space count. When allocating parking availability in TripShot, there is a cap of 20,000 spaces.