Mobility Flexibility is Key for the Return to Campus

TripShot and TransWest meet the needs of changing corporate transportation schedules.

Adaptable Solutions Enable a Successful Return

TripShot’s flexible mobility platform allows TransWest to accommodate their clients’ varying hybrid work schedules and transit service changes. 

The last two and a half years have resulted in some corporate transit systems losing the geographic density of employees. Thus, TransWest has used TripShot to understand where fixed route could be complemented by On Demand, how schedules could be more efficient, and how to plan modes that might make more sense, like microtransit. Adaptability is essential to their riders, thus it’s important to their clients and to them, so partnering with TripShot makes it easy to meet their needs. 

Data and Dashboards to Track Changes

TripShot’s industry-leading ETA accuracy provides up-to-the-second, GPS-based location data to TransWest managers, drivers and riders. This results in an enormous amount of data, easily accessible in TripShot Dashboards. TransWest continues to support their clients and their return to campus, they use TripShot’s dashboard to understand all the data they aggregate. This includes general information about on time performance, rider counts, delays, and more, allowing them to find new efficiencies and support better transit service.

Supporting the Future of Transportation Management Together

TripShot and TransWest have built a trusted partnership to power flexible and data-driven transportation solutions on campus. We meet industry changes with a flexible solution, professional drivers and reliable fleets.