Make Employment Opportunities More Accessible

Harness the power of vanpool programs to unlock job access in your area

The Value of Vanpool

Transportation is a critical component of job access, a reliable workforce and thriving businesses. Transportation connects people to their workplaces, allowing for more predictable and streamlined operations. Manufacturers, industrial parks, office park tenants and other similar areas need to make sure that workers can get to their jobs to achieve success. Vanpool programs can be a cost-effective and flexible way to bridge the gap between a workplace and access to jobs there. 

Connecting to Employment 

Vanpooling is both simple and effective. A program can be as straightforward as a group of workers who live close to each other sharing a ride to work in a single vehicle. This results in reduced traffic congestion, but also a guaranteed and predictable ride to work. Companies save costs by having more predictable attendance. Of most importance to the worker, vanpool programs can create access to valuable jobs, particularly for industrial and office parks that can be disconnected from public transportation. 

Collaborating for Success

Many manufacturing facilities, industrial areas, office parks and other businesses have uncovered that one of the most successful ways to increase job access and attendance rates is to create a vanpool program. The benefits of vanpool are many:

  • Flexible Driver Options 
    Vanpool programs are very customizable. The programs can be created with professional drivers or can be run with employee drivers rotating among participants, providing more flexibility for the unique needs of the company. 
  • Cheaper Commuting 
    Vanpool programs significantly reduce the commuting expenses for workers. Vanpool can not only approve attendance, but it can also attract dedicated workers who will be more likely to arrive to their shift on time. Workers would have a choice rather than paying for their own fuel, maintenance and other expenses of driving a single-occupant vehicle.  
  • More Job Access
    Vanpool programs can increase transportation options in areas with limited public transportation. These programs improve access to jobs so workers or employees don’t need to deal with transportation challenges. 

Vanpool Managed Seamlessly

Maximizing the potential of vanpool programs can be done by using a flexible transportation demand management (TDM) technology solution. Solutions like TripShot streamline operations, provide valuable insights and expand the usefulness of vanpool operations for manufacturers and office workers. Our unified TDM solution is flexible enough to meet the unique needs of many vanpool programs.

TripShot's Vanpool solution provides "Vanpool validation". It is a lightweight way for employers to collect vanpool usage data and validate that the employees are using the vans appropriately. If used properly and not abused, vanpool programs are very valuable. If abused, they become cost-prohibitive. TripShot can help to ensure that organizations are getting the value out of these programs.

Job accessibility is a huge challenge for workers and employers alike. Vanpool programs can be the solution that reduces costs and is seamlessly managed with TDM technology. Vanpool is a valuable strategy for businesses to pave the way to a more accessible employment future for their workers.