How TripShot Supports our Customers

You deserve a responsive technology vendor

Transit Deserves The Best Customer Service

Transportation demand management (TDM) professionals want the best for their riders, drivers and admins. This requires a technology vendor that is reliable and responsive when your team needs support. With all of the innovation and new technology available for transit systems, there’s no excuse for a lack of customer service and not getting the support your team needs.

Customer Support is More Important Now than Ever

The transit industry has undergone significant disruptions over the last several years. Many campuses and communities accommodate hybrid schedules and need more flexibility than ever before. We know how important it is to do business with responsive partners who offer reliable support. 

TripShot Responds to Support Customers

Now is the time for technology vendors to be responsive to customers and let their value shine. Here are just some ways we respond:

  1. We Check in Regularly with our Customers
    We strive to stay ahead of your needs through our routine check-ins. We also help with evaluating new technologies of interest to our customers. Your dedicated customer success manager will work to ensure we’re meeting the current and future needs of your mobility ecosystem.
  2. We Provide 24/7 Support
    TripShot provides 24/7 support via email, phone and direct contact with the Customer Success Team. We utilize a leading CRM for case management, SLA tracking and reporting. Support tickets are generated upon submission by admin or operational staff. Every ticket is reviewed and assigned a severity level. Additionally, TripShot's uptime for the last three years has exceeded 99.999%.
  3. Our Solution Grows with our Customers
    We grow and adapt to unique service needs. Our mobility solution powers a more efficient transit system that scales when needed. Transit managers can optimize TripShot’s robust reporting features to maximize efficiency and easily make service changes to meet demand. 

Mobility Solved Together

Transit professionals and their riders deserve more. TripShot improves customer service, rider experience, and efficiency through a single operating system for riders, drivers and transit managers. We offer one solution that embraces the latest technology and keeps transit systems at the forefront of innovation by including continuous software and new feature updates for all customers.