Dashboards & Reporting for More Efficient TDM

Maximize efficiency with a real-time bird’s eye view of your vehicle fleet

Unique Possibilities with an Intuitive Solution

Imagine your campus transportation system but even more efficient. Transit administrators managing vehicle fleets need flexible and all-encompassing tools to achieve new levels of efficiency. Our solution optimizes campus resources and supports a better rider experience. The dashboards and reporting within TripShot offer extensive possibilities to monitor and configure your TDM to achieve success. 

Optimizing with Dashboards and Reporting

Our TDM technology provides dashboard filters that surface the most important information for your unique campus. Our dashboards offer an expansive view so admins can manage their vehicle fleets with ease. 

  • Dynamic Filters
    TripShot offers dynamic filters for our Fixed Route and On Demand dashboards to assist transportation administrators as they tailor and refine their data analyses according to their most important criteria. Our filtering capabilities provide maximum flexibility, surfacing granular insights and supporting more informed decision-making. Filters include ridership, on-time reporting, stats by stop, total trips, and more.
  • Multifaceted Reporting
    TripShot provides a bird’s-eye-view of a vehicle fleet, surfacing key performance indicators and important data points at a glance. Transit admins can easily follow vehicle usage, location and fleet performance metrics allowing them to identify trends and plan the best possible transportation services through one interface. 

Enhanced Commuter Experience

Utilizing TripShot's dashboards and reporting helps admins deliver an excellent commuting option for workers, employees, students and other riders. 

  • Elevated Route Planning
    TripShot’s Dashboards make it easy to understand all of the real-time data provided by our solution, allowing transportation admins to use more insights when planning or changing routes by identifying popular stops and other ridership factors. Administrators can streamline routes to make the commuting experience better with minimized travel time and enhanced efficiency.
  • Informed Resource Allocation
    Our reporting functionality also uncovers real-time visibility into your entire fleet. All of this data can be filtered based on the unique demands of your transportation system. This supports using resources wisely and ensuring that fleet vehicles are meeting the needs of your campus community. 

More Efficiency for Better Systems

TripShot’s integrated dashboards and reports deliver easy-to-view fleet analytics on key metrics like ridership, on-time performance, and stop usage patterns - enabling transit planners to make data-driven decisions and deploy the most efficient transit modes for ridership.